Your rules are not your freedom

When you communicate with somebody what are your rules and what are your freedoms?

When you go out on the streets what are your rules and what are your freedoms?

You know you’re not supposed to cross the road with a red light, or that you’re not supposed to attack any person, and that’s reasonable. But what else do you know?

Could you camp on the square? Could you pull out a microphone and sing or dance or give hugs to strangers? Could you tell others the most outrageous things?

I know now everything except a rule is freedom, or to put it in different words everything that is not finite is infinity, or in different words, everything except ‘that which is’ can be.

If you knew you had a number of rules, if you were 100% certain you’d know you’d be otherwise entirely free.

Indefinite rules, vague rules, generalities, uncertainty, doubt also mean uncertain, doubtful freedom. That means when somebody ‘bends’ a very specific rule into becoming unspecific and he yells that he liberates things, he does the exact opposite.

On the other hand, if you wish to resolve a huge seeming problem, make it as specific as you can. It may take time… but eventually it will become so finite that it will no longer be a problem.

Each thing is what it is, when and where it is. It is infinity being finite. Know which one is which. Above all, know what you are and what you are not.


My binary and non binary logic

Although I’m not inherently a Platonist nor a neo-Platonist, I love his work as I’ve found I can understand life better with his logic.

The basis of both Parmenidian and Platonic logic is that there cannot be ‘nothing’, ‘nowhere’, ‘no time’, ‘partial being’, ‘wrong being’, ‘doubtful being’, ‘middle ground between being or not’, ‘being something or something else’. And for the same reason there cannot be ‘partially known’, ‘doubtfully known’ nor ‘unknown’. There can be ‘known’.

There can neither be negative existence nor negative knowledge. To think that something ‘is not’ is an existence and a knowledge. To think that something is ‘unknown’ is an existence and a knowledge too. There cannot be ‘nothing’. That which is simply is, and that which is cannot be something else in the same space and time.

Knowing one thing one moment and another thing in another moment, at one place and at another place makes us think of the illusion of ‘change’, of ‘progress’; we think that progress in existence and in knowing exists. In actuality each moment and place that is is complete and knowledge of each moment is complete too. Doubting that which is and that which is known are both additive thoughts. Seemingly combining one moment with another, one space with another, one form with another, considering that there can be ‘combinations’, ‘sums’ of those things, are additives as well.

So what could be wrong?

That logic is so great to employ in life, but it doesn’t explain how something can exist. It doesn’t answer the question ‘how come anything exists at all’?

My non binary logic is a different subject. It isn’t ‘logic’ at all. I just called it logic so I can contrast it with binary logic. It doesn’t refer to existence. It refers to potential for existence. Potential is not a ‘choice’, it is not a ‘yes or no’, leave alone a ‘maybe’. You cannot put it in a laboratory and examine it, although there can be potential to make laboratories and examine things. Potential cannot be defined, as if it was defined, it would no longer be potential. You could as well call it infinity.

The only potential existence is the ‘spiritual being’ or ‘soul’; the name doesn’t really matter as each author could give it a different name. The spiritual being has no inherent form, substance, it isn’t located anywhere nor in any time. It can be any form, place and time. It is the only exception to binary logic that can exist. Some refer to ‘free will’. That is it’s source.

You can test potential (or ‘free will’) right now if you wish to. You can think anything you want, and it can exist for you and you can know it. That existence exists because of you, you are it’s creator, and you can be in full control, and just as easily you can think that you aren’t. There is endless potential to think that unknown factors make you think what you can think, and you can think that they can think for you, or any other complexity you can think of. You can think there are reasons why you feel happy or depressed, and so feel happy or depressed. It is not wrong. But just as easily you can feel happy or depressed for no reason.

Confusing the spiritual being with the finite, binary existence can cause problems. The spiritual being is free, binary existence is finite. Problems can be solved by seeing, knowing each existence exactly as it is, in the moment and place that it is, by no longer confusing one thing with another.

Why can one think about problems forever on? You can never be certain about problems, they change as you perceive them. They are made of seeming change, variables, opposites (intentions, forces), seeming combinations,  doubts, uncertainty which are not seen as they truly are. There cannot be any doubtful existence, but one can conceive that ‘doubt’ exists. A problem isn’t really one, a sum, it is two or more different forces, intentions, places, times that one can think they are one, combined.

Differentiating, seeing each thing as it truly is solves problems. There is no need to ‘change’ a problem, as a problem is already an actuality that is changed, that one is not aware of exactly as it is. There is only need to be exactly aware of what is what, each moment. An example of not doing that would be remembering something and confusing it with present time. Or looking at a chair and thinking that it’s a ‘chair’. Well, it isn’t. It is what you’re looking at. The concept ‘chair’ would be your own additive, and maybe you can label trillions of similar things ‘chairs’, but each one would be what it was, in the moment and place that it was. For the same reason we couldn’t speak of ‘men’ and ‘women’ either, and still speak the truth. Today, after 15 years of schooling, it is only enough to show a rapist on TV to convince everyone that ‘men rape’, or maybe that they don’t rape much but they rape a little bit. And in the same fashion to convince them that ‘women are gold diggers’ or maybe not that much. How come none of my girlfriends have been that? I don’t think it’s because they’ve been trying to make them be that, by making them think that is the ‘normal’ thing to be. I wonder when and where ‘normal’ exists, because I’ve never seen it.

We can make a co-relation here between  those two ‘logics’. The more the spiritual being is aware of it’s free potential, the more solid, certain the things it can make and the things it can know. And of course certainty over what is known and what is made would also lead to an increased awareness of free potential.

How would ‘no problem’ be like? Certainty about that which is and freedom to be.

What to be like

Have you noticed none of those that routinely point out how you shouldn’t be like ever mention how you should be like?

If asked they will dodge the answer, or pretend to answer with something vague (be human) or negative again (don’t be wrong). And all that makes their own being ‘not-wrong’ is that they make another being ‘wrong’.

But they can’t think of anything specific that is alright to be.

So what should you be like? If you want to wind up being nothing fast, be driven by negative remarks. Else create what you want to be yourself.

The most precious object of all

Have you ever seen a spirit? I am lucky to have had. And the moment I did I realized all that was wrong about how myself, others, societies operated like. No gold, no money  compares to it’s thin light which feels like admiration and love to the absolute degree.

It’s as if some -subconsciously- knew that, and all their efforts revolved around possessing that, although it is the only thing that cannot be possessed. But no, that is not really what they do. They have been programmed to capture it instead; to put it in ‘cages’, to disallow it from being itself, from being free. And that is because some failing to control something some seek to destroy it.

If only you knew what you were, all that you had ever desired would seem trivial.

Life divided in two

Everything that exists can be divided into two parts, for the purpose of resolving problems. One part is cause and the other part is effect. Cause means to make something happen, to create something, and effect means ‘that which is’ as well as knowing that which is.

By observing the material universe we can get the impression that all there is is effect and that nothing makes that effect be. And that is because the material universe is -indeed- effect. The mere fact that it ‘is’ makes it effect. But what makes it be?

Since all ‘that which is’ is effect, it can only be logical that cause is not, it does not exist. And indeed cause can have no material substance, no substance at all, as that substance would an effect –a creation instead of a creator. Cause has nothing, and all it could have would be effect.

A spiritual being -however- having no material substance, yet having an existence is a creation unlike any other. In fact, it is both a creation and a creator. It is the result (effect) of cause to ‘be’. Cause is being a ‘spiritual being’, a spiritual being is cause and all it could possibly have trouble with would be it’s conception that it is anything other than cause. And such a conception is troublesome simply because it is an alteration of what it actually is.

A spiritual being, -being cause- can create effects. And among other things it can conceive that it is effect itself. It can think that something is pleasant to it, that something else is harmful and so on. And because it can conceive it, it can also know (experience) it. A human being doesn’t have the qualities of a spiritual being. A human being is a sum of cells and it is very fragile. It can be harmed indeed. And so its tolerance for what it can experience is also very limited.

Not all spiritual being think they are human beings, but when one does it also thinks to itself that it can be harmed like the body can. And so due to it’s thinking it can experience problems.

The life of a human being often revolves around having pleasant experiences and avoiding unpleasant experiences. And if we go back to ’cause and effect’ we see that the choice is between ‘effect’ and ‘effect’. However, those effects cannot exist unless something causes them, and the spiritual being is that which does it. And the more the spiritual being thinks it is a human being, the more it think that the good and that bad it experiences as a human have nothing to do with it, and the more in trouble it thinks it gets trying to handle things outside itself so it will get ‘better’, as if it had ever gotten ‘worse’. The truth of the matter is nothing can happen to a spiritual being because ‘to have something happen to you’ means to be the effect of it and the spiritual being is cause. So it has always been and it will forever be the same –cause.

Now that probably doesn’t sound very realistic to the average person that works 8 hours to get by, entertain itself etc, but it has practical value in human life too. The more a person seeks to be effect the more it does indeed, and the more he seeks to be cause the more it does that as well. What is the difference? Like I wrote above there can be no effect without cause, and one who seeks to only be effect denies his own cause, and it can also more easily become a victim, for it thinks it only experiences the effect of things that are not of it’s own cause.

The difference between ‘trying to know’ and ‘trying to create what to be known’ is the difference between night and day. Trying to know, to find out, to uncover mysteries doesn’t bring anything into one’s life except what he tries to know –and that assuming that he does learn indeed, without trouble in doing so.

To put it in more simple words, a person that only tries to know, to experience his or her partner in a relationship doesn’t make anything happen in a relationship. So that relationship is either completely out of control or not extant at all. One needs to make something happen, so she or he can then experience something. And based on that we have also conceived of ‘exchange’; one creates something good for the other and then that other also creates something good for the first one, so they can have a pleasant co-existence.

That is the secret to end all secrets; the answer lies in cause. Cause cannot be known but it’s effects can, and you basically being cause can know the effects you create yourself. And the more you seek and -indeed- be cause over your life, the more you will experience what you know you cause. And the more you seek to be effect the more your experiences will seem to have nothing to do with what you want, as you will be refusing to be cause yourself.

There is always 100% control

It doesn’t matter whether you are a materialist, whether you believe in a God or in gods or in something else. In any case, for as long as something ‘is’, something is making it be or something is it, and that is control.

It doesn’t matter whether you take an object and move it or leave it where it is. That object is still controlled for as long as it exists.

The only thing that can change about control is one’s awareness of it. Are you putting that object there? Does God put it? Does the universe put it? Are you any of those things, are those things you or are you a part of them? Only that could change. And consequently ‘how’ you would control would also change.

Stupid trends that go viral

If somebody insists to act against himself and attack whomever says he (or others) should do otherwise you should be glad he does it; he knows why.

He will -however- want for others what he wants for himself too as he will be seeing the parts of himself -including the reasons why he does what he does- that he is oblivious of in others. And one can be completely oblivious of himself.

You shouldn’t buy any delusions you ought to take the same path he does. We have room for many.

Why you should abstain from fights

If you’ve read from me before you know I am not any peaceful monk. And I am not going to tell anyone that he should sit and get beaten so that he will later on be rewarded somehow. Many are going to tell you that, and I don’t mean only religious people.

But although I don’t suggest that anyone should sit and be fought without fighting back, I also don’t suggest that anyone should be involved in fighting; and I don’t mean just physical fighting, I mean fighting as in one opposing the other, even verbally.

I ensure you 100% that it is not needed and that it doesn’t end well. It will always end worse and how it’s started; and nobody will gain nothing, except from someone who’d want others to fight, so he’d gain an edge over them, of course.

For fighting to occur some truth must be lied about. And fighting will twist and hide it even further. And for as long as there is fighting this will be getting piled up instead of resolved.

The most basic lies are the ones we conceive ourselves. The lies we tell each other are secondary in importance. And a person that is very true to himself, cannot be lied to easily, if at all; while a person who lies to himself routinely will also lie to others just as easily.

A common reason why people fight -for example- is who makes whom a victim. And that puts individuals to conceive to themselves more and more that they are victims and that the other is guilty and bad and wrong, so that they will win the fight. And that’s pretty much what the justice system is based on. That basically tells you something absurd; that the more you suffer, the more you will win. While in actuality it is the complete opposite. Suffering in life means you’re doing something wrong. Life says the more alive you are the more pleasant you feel and the closer to death you are the more you suffer. Some sneaky substances -on the other hand- say that they will temporarily make you feel somewhat pleasant and put you to suffer for the rest of your life. So, that’s not what I’m talking about.

Anyway, the more ignorant one is how much in control he is in his life, or the more he refuses to be in control or the more he condemns others being in control the more victimized he feels. And that is a basic lie –‘I’m not doing that’. Well, you are. Did you know, without you, you could neither know pleasure nor suffering? It is due to yourself that you can, and not due to others. And just like you could feel some pleasure and some suffering, you could as well change it and either feel more pleasure or more suffering. So why blame others?

If you believed another’s lie it would be you who believed it. And without you that couldn’t occur. If you conceived somebody had lied to you and he hadn’t, that would still be your own creation for yourself. Without you all those things about you cannot exist. And hating is based on the notion that they can and that they are bad and wrong etc.

There have been some people that have been hating so thoroughly that and they can give is hate, even if they present it as ‘love’. Asking for people to sit and get beaten so they wont be ‘negative’ is such a dirty trick. And you’re not going to make anyone snap out of his chronic hate by fighting him even more. For it’s exactly that lying and fighting that’s made him like that. However, you shouldn’t be naive either. You should go with truth. You should know what is truth by yourself. You shouldn’t lie to yourself nor to others and you shouldn’t oppose them either. And that isn’t a matter of ‘good manners’ so that somebody will reward you with a cookie. It is a crucial matter that pertains to yourself.

People in chronic hate need some ‘serious’ help. And by ‘help’ I don’t mean to incapacitate them so they’ll be unable to think and to operate. Those guys are unable to live and have terrible, chronic delusions. They don’t act mean because they’re well off. They are victims themselves before they try to coax another to become one too, and they do to others what they do to themselves. They will tell you how all X is bad, how all life is bad, how those people are against you, exactly so that they’ll make you fight. And they will frown upon in disbelief at anything that could be truly pleasant, that could make you feel better, that could make your life better or everyone’s better. But you shouldn’t buy.

Subjective idealism

What’s wrong about a projection? A projection is a person putting his own thoughts unto another person saying his own thoughts pertain to that other person. The source of that trouble is that the person doesn’t take responsibility for his own thoughts, he doesn’t think that his own thoughts are his own. He thinks his thoughts are ‘reality’. And so he can go and blame others for what he thinks.

All your thoughts are your own. Even if you examined the material world on a particle level you’d never find any of those thoughts you had been thinking. Particles don’t generate thoughts.

Berkeley said that there are only two things; spirits and ideas. And that each spirit experienced it’s own ideas (imagination). And life was just each spirit experiencing it’s own ideas. And -specially in older times- it’s a popular idea among Buddhists too to consider that the universe was just a dream. And that’s why they deemed it so important to not be compulsively attached to it, because that made them feel victimized.

If it’s true that each spirit experiences it’s own ideas then how come I could drive and car and you could see me driving it from outside? That is because we can communicate. We can -potentially- share our ideas. But that doesn’t mean that they’re one. If I played a game on the internet against another and that other could see me like I could see him too, those would be two games, not one. For then each computer would be running it’s own. That’s how stuff works.

Your experiences do not depend on others. Only if you agree with others to experience about the same you do experience about the same, or whatever other rule you may agree over.

Like I’ve written before, right now you are completely free from any factor to think of anything you wish. And if you choose to take into consideration others things, like the past, like a potential future, like your immediate environment, you can do so as well, although you don’t have to. That’s why thought is free, because it depends on you. And what do you depend on? That’s where logic stops. Because you are the only truly self-sufficient thing that’s ever existed.

And if this is your ideas, dream, imagination and it -sometimes- happens that you don’t like it, you may as well imagine of something that you like.

The wrong being

The is one right thing for a being, and that is to be what it is.
And there could be one wrong thing for a being, and that would be to not be. And such a thing cannot be.

No being can possibly be wrong. A being can be. And just like it can be, others could be as well. And they are all right.

A being is not right for another, but it is right for itself. And so it is completely vain to determine which one is right and which one is wrong.

And where and how beings come from can become obvious when a being can be right, and another being can right too, without ever needing to think each other wrong. And a key to attaining that is called understanding. Ultimately, understanding each other is understanding oneself.