Once more, this blog is going to get deleted. I have done it a couple of times before. And I’m doing it again, with a light heart. It is a process that I desire. The reason is that I no longer think some of the things that are written in the blog, that I have some new ideas, and that I would like to improve the overall language of the blog. English is not my native tongue, by the way. Nor do I live in any English speaking country.

If this blog had lighter topics, such as arts and culture, I could keep it going as it is, and add some more. But I don’t want to fool around with serious matters such as spiritual philosophy. I want to accept all that is in here, and I want my readers to gain the most out of it. I don’t hope to express any absolute truth, either; but rather ideas that could point towards that direction, or point out directions that don’t lead there. In the end it all depends on what each one chooses to be aware of, by himself.

I understand my attitude of creating and deleting blogs might seem un-serious to some. It is because I am un-serious. I don’t seek to become seriously wise, and get stuck with thoughts that I will be thinking about forever, so as to appear knowledgeable. Those who have grasped the basics I’ve been writing in here, understand that I do quite the opposite. My task is not to fill my (nor your) mind with ideas. It is clearer perception of the present. It is understood some gather knowledge to gather it, and enjoy the ride doing so, and it is alright. I am more interested in how knowledge can be used to achieve something. So, I go for the best, each time. Of course, since I do that for myself, I do the same for others.

Thank you for reading from me. And know that if I decide to write new articles, it will be some of the most extreme, un-serious texts on this field.

9 thoughts on “Renovations

    1. Good that you told me. I changed the blog’s template, and I hadn’t noticed the new one doesn’t have a follow button. I added one on top of the blog’s page. I might add some more here and there. 🙂

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