What this blog is about and who it is addressed to

My name is Spyros, and I am an ordinary person, with an ordinary life. Yet I ‘have’ a very uneasy spirit; One that is yearning for truth, and one that rejects untruth. It’s been like that since I remember myself. Nobody made me be like that. It is a natural impulse.

I have taken various routes throughout my lifetime to know more truth and less lies. And at times I have been happy to have achieved that, and at other times I’ve been upset about the opposite.

I am not going to tell you the truth, for I don’t think it can be told. Lies can be pointed out, instead. Ways to know the truth could be made up as well. But in the final analysis, one needs to have that will, to know truth, himself, as well as to actually know for himself. So that’s who I am addressed to.

My search has led me to ‘paranormal’, ‘spiritual’ paths. And if you seek realism, if some things are too much for you, this blog is not for you. Each person can choose his own life. And I will happy if one does, no matter what kind of life that is. I just don’t want the things I write to shock anybody; So I wish to filter this possibility out.

If you adhere to sets of ideas about what the world is like, what you are, what spirituality, science, philosophy, religions are or how they should be like, prepare to have those ideas shaken. I’ve shaken mine many times. And I’m glad to have done so. If your status, your income, reputation depends on those matters, or if you have any other dependency on those matters, I’m sorry but I cannot stutter so you wont feel offended. Just know it is not my wish to offend. My wish is to relay what I know, through articles, as directly as possible, without any filters, other than the filter of language.

I don’t want to create new sets of ideas for you, either. This blog is about perceiving clearer. It is not about believing, nor is it about thinking logically. In view of truth, or in view from truth, beliefs can vanish. And beliefs that can be used for logical thinking, can vanish, as well.

This blog is addressed to those who want it. If you want to follow it, you’re more than welcome to give me feedback, as well. Let’s make a nice party.


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