God and evil

If the population of the Earth was composed of ten different groups of people, all ten of them would probably be going around talking about how they had been victimized by each other.

All of them would have wrong things done to them. None of them would had ever done anything wrong.

So, since nobody thinks that he makes anything wrong happen, no wonder why some people like the idea of an evil, loving, punishing God, who brings about misfortunes. This way nobody needs to admit that he’s brought about any misfortunes. All are his victims. God does it all.

And some submit to that, out of fear. While others react against that idea of God out of a desire to be liberated from such fear, suppression. And so we can have things like theism VS atheism. Not to mention one theism VS another theism…

And if he is not called ‘God’, he can be called Stalin, or bad luck, or mother nature…

To assert it’s within one’s nature to do certain things, or that his mind makes him do it, is not very different than to assert that God makes him do it.

And this way, people can lose control over their own selves, to imaginary things. And then the ground is ripe for tyrants to rule them.

This is not any implication whether God exists, or not. Nor do I assert that everybody thinks like that. I’m trying to point out a cycle that can exist, and perpetuate itself like that. I don’t think God is any evil being. Nor do I think that other beings are evil, either. If they were, they wouldn’t have any problem to admit having caused harm. But to not know everything, or to know lies or half truths is part of life.

The enemy is not evil. The enemy is stupidity. Stupidity can bring about the appearance of evil. But in truth, it doesn’t exist. One can appear to become evil by trying to harm what he thinks is evil. But in truth, neither him nor another, is evil. It’s just that when many do that, evil appears to be real.

And of course, somebody that takes such a course, can also wear a mask over that, and appear to be good. And you might uncover it, and find he is evil below that. But you haven’t uncovered the previous mask –that of evil.

And if somebody wants to be an absolute ruler, a sort of a God-on-Earth, he will be what he thinks that God is like. And those who think that God is a brutal ruler, become brutal rulers themselves. And those who think that God has deceived them, become deceivers. (you know the stories about those liberal rebels who become brutal rulers themselves, after they rise on top…) Just like somebody who would want to be like his father, he would do that, as well. It’s very common to hear from such people, who try to be like God, that ‘everyone is evil’, because that’s the mask they wear themselves, and that’s what they think that their source, their nature, God is. And it would be the same for somebody who thought that he is a product of nature, and that nature is a cruel thing. I’ve heard it so many time. All those are such nice excuses, and traps.

You see, it’s all a matter of ideas, lies, not of truth. If you have a look at truth yourself, those ideas dissolve (read my previous posts).


5 thoughts on “God and evil

  1. No. There are no bad guys. You started off the post saying that groups complain about being victimized by other groups and then go on to talk about being victimized by god. After reading what you wrote again it I see what you are trying to say.

    Thankfully there is no such “God” 🙂

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