God, spirit and human being

As I said before, I don’t want to fill your minds with ideas. But that leaves the question: How would you communicate anything without leaving any trace in anybody’s mind? There can be a workaround to that problem. You can borrow some ideas, with the purpose to discard them later on. And why would you get into the trouble of doing that? Well, you could do it so that even more ideas could be discarded. And why get into the trouble of discarding ideas in the first place? It is a question of who the master and who the servant is. Do you create and discard thoughts at will, or does it seem like they jump up and make you do things, as you obey them?

If I think that at 6am I have to get up to go to work. Who is the master and who is the servant? If I think that because Dr Somebody says so, then it is so, who is the master and who is the servant?

I don’t mean to be arrogant, but I think that if I create my thoughts, then to obey them would be a bit too stupid. It would be like whipping myself into submission.

So, I don’t want that. I only want to tell you about something, and then you can have a look and you can see and tell whether what I talk about is true or not.

So, God… I have read quite a few things about God, having been born in a Christian country. And later on I got interested to learn even more from different perspectives. And I got some more information. So I understand that some think of God as a sort of a divine personality who is almighty and who is everywhere. Others think of God as a spiritual sum whose parts are the spirits. And others think of God as being the physical universe and all that are included inside it.

I’m going to tell you another theory now, and I know that others have talked about it before, but I’m going to say it anyway. And I’m glad that my theory is the most outrageous of all, because I like to show to some guys that have and look at some outrageousness meter, and then yell “That is outrageous!” how much I hold myself back -specially from communicating- because of that.

Alright. The big secret is that you are God. Not only you are, but I am too, and so are the guys with that annoying meter.

Please, understand something. I didn’t mean that you are a part of God. You are it, all of it, and so am I. The difference between what I’m talking about, and between what the person with the outrageousness meter would point out -that I’m crazy- is that I don’t refer to God as any sort of a person.

I’m going to explain to you what I mean by saying God. As a child, I used to play with toys. I would take one and imagine that it had personality, emotions, as well as other traits. And other toys would have their own distinct characteristics, too. I would also imagine that they had will of their own, goals. And I would create whole scenerios, like those in the movies. And often there would be good guys and bad guys and so on. So then there would be a whole system, a whole universe of things, and I would be it’s creator. The relationship between men and God is similar to what I just described above. The difference is that God is not a person. God can be all those persons altogether, much like I was being the personalities of those toys. Basically, God is not a thing. It cannot be measured, counted and so on. It can create. It can make things exist, and it can quit making things exist.

And although I just defined the relation between God and human beings, I left out spirits. Spirits are God. They are  individual personalities of God. They can exist, and they can also quit existing, just like that. And they could (but not necessarily) assume the identity of a human being, pretend they are a human being, or anything else. So, they could also pretend that they are vulnerable, and have a game. Like if you couldn’t get hit, you couldn’t play ‘fighting’ with anybody. You could only be a watcher.

Each spirit ‘has’ the full creative capacity of God, as God is being spirits. God is not some dinstict spirit of higher class. God is each one those spirits. The material substance of God and of spirits as well, is nothing. Should there be energy manifestations, they are created manifestations. Pure spirit is pure nothing –nothing but conciouness.

Much like you would want to think that you can get beaten, so you can play an interesting fighting game against somebody else, it’s been part of the game of a spirit’s existence to not know what it is, and thus to not know it’s potential, or to only partially know. Who hasn’t wondered ‘who am I’ and ‘how did I get here’? And how many have offered answers…

That is ‘nirvana’ and ‘heaven’ for me, in my own words. It is not when a human being sits still, nor when another fears God. And the path is essentially a no-path-at-all, as what path would you take to be yourself? With paths towards anything (not just towards attaining spiritual enlightment) we consider to depart from some point, and arrive to another.

All you have to do is quit thinking that you are the toy, and just be yourself (yes, that’s God). It’s those additive, self offending thoughts you need to discard, and not to gain more (well. if you want). That’s why I say over and over that I don’t want to give you thoughts to think about.

Potential is unhindered. Freedom is. It is not attained. You can quit thinking that you are limited, that you are a body, and create as you have always been, but consciously this time.

Do you have a problem? Are you in trouble? Well, you can quit perceiving and thinking about it, as a human being. As perceive it as what you are. When I do it, they disappear. And solutions come, as I would like them. I might write more about this later on.



2 thoughts on “God, spirit and human being

  1. I really like the way you phrased that …”stop thinking of yourself as the toy”….
    You are right. I think the major religions are run by people who want control.
    Good people go to church who think they have to “die to themselves” in order to be good people….but weren’t they good to start with?

    Then you have the people who use the “rules” to control the other people in the church….and in their families.

    These are the ones that go around telling everyone else to “die to themselves” and follow God’s way….but of course these people have prayed for you and God has told them what you should do…and cannot do….and who you are…..

    No one seems to notice that the ones doing all the judging and know what everyone else should be doing….are not “dying to themselves” ….now are they?

    Besides Jesus said ( according to the Bible that these judging people claim to believe in) that you should worry about the board in your own eye….before pointing out the spec in your brother’s eye.

    Funny how these people seem to forget that verse unless you try to ask them to stop judging you. Then they tell you that you should die to yourself and stop judging them for judging you….

    Then you become so confused in the midst of their twisting words around and gaslighting you that you can’t discuss anything with them.

    The bible also says that Jesus said we could do anything he did…like walk on the water…or quiet the storm. He was annoyed that the disciples woke him up to calm the storm that was going to capsize the boat.. Saying they could have done it and let him get his beauty sleep.

    The christians that want to control and manipulate you neglect to remember that jesus never said we were not gods. He said we were all the same with the same potential for powers….turning water into wine….healing the sick.

    True christianity as jesus taught it does not seem to conflict with buddhism or true spirituality. But if you tell people they are all gods, then how can you control and manipulate them with fear?

    That is why the narcissists and psychopaths in all the major religions carefully choose passages to remind people and twist around the others.

    I really like your writing and your ideas.
    Blessings for peace

    1. I like and agree so much with you say, too. 🙂

      I’ve gone through 2 different religions, plus a period of agnosticism or atheism. Now I don’t label myself, but I do have common ideas with many. I have met nice people as well as @#%@% in all categories. I think a dishonest person could take something good and twist it to serve his own ends. Also, the other way around. So, I don’t want to take sides, anymore.

      I’m lucky to have met some great people, who have genuinely helped me a lot. But for me help equals freedom, not dependency. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. And sometimes I -in turn- try to relay that to others too.

      You said some really interesting things about Jesus. I didn’t know he had said that–that others had the same potential as him. Is this in Catholic texts? In Orthodox texts (Greek Christianity), such ideas would probably be considered Satanic.

      But I have read about Siddhartha having ‘superhuman’ powers. And you know what, many Buddhists deny that, as well. And I suppose even more are even unaware of it.

      My view is that we as spirits are individuals alright, and yes we have infinite Godly potential. I also think that we are not irrelevant to God. Actually I think we are God, and our individuality is created individuality. It is silly to see God as somebody one needs to submit to, as that would be to try to submit to oneself. Some being though, have that perception of God. And they either try to submit or they try to be that God, themselves. Thus, we have conditions like what you describe in your blog too.

      All the best 🙂

      Spyros (how do you make the hearts?)

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