A sneaky control method

No matter what I write in here, never assume that I assume that you’re a victim, or guilty or anything like that. I don’t believe in such things. If you read my posts down to the bottom, you should understand why.

People have shed blood to be free from being told what is right, to be free from being told what to do, to be free to do what they want. So now they get (often forcefully) taught what to want, and what to consider right, and what to like, and what to oppose, and what freedom and happiness and success are like, what an optimum lover should be like, what being great is like, what good purposes are like and what it means to feel good. And they show you what ‘the flow’ is, and then they tell you to ‘go with the flow’. Whose flow?

And generally, for whatever you’d care to achieve, there are already preset ideas, and often those who follow them wave flags of freedom and liberty and other idiocies. What is freedom if you are not the absolute ruler of yourself?

And instead of having to obey some monarch you are now asked to be aligned with and obey brainwashed flocks, and repeated what they are made to repeat themselves; for that is democracy, in present. If you don’t, you are wrong, you are crazy, you are bad bad bad.

Such great is the amount freedom in education, that nobody tells you this is man-made. This is not ‘how things are’. Instead they ask you to adapt to ‘how things are’, ‘to ‘accept reality’. So that it can go on, forever. But if you truly perceive and accept reality, it will no longer be reality.


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