‘Reality’ and ‘success’

If you live inside a sewer system, don’t worry for not being successful within it. Similarily, don’t worry if that place doesn’t remind you of a pretty forest, even if all the rest call it like that. You’re not crazy, wrong or anything like that. The elite of a sewer system, the most sucessful ones, are usually rats. And if they call themselves deers or lions or other things, they remain rats. So don’t worry if you have a hard time becoming a rat yourself. It could be you’re a forest, or a jungle animal. Who knows…

You could turn the sewer into a forest, or move to a forest, or so many other things. Just make sure you never deny yourself; for it will be the only thing that will ever really affect you, the only thing you will ever really oppose, as well as the only thing you will ever really regret. Never seek to fit in your environment. Seek to be yourself, and the environment will fall into place. And even the rats can then be true deers. Afterall, the self-denying environment was you.


6 thoughts on “‘Reality’ and ‘success’

    1. Hi and thanks 🙂 I don’t have a stable idea, characterization, what my environment is like. It is potential But I could and others could live in sewers or forest or other things. My main point is to not try to adjust to it, as it is asked/demanded by the environment, whatever that is. But more like be where you yourself would fit in best.

  1. Yes Spyros , I actually do agree with the spirit of what you write and thank you for your honesty. I appreciate honesty in thinking. I think that it is very important to not to lie to yourself and not to deceive yourself. Honesty to your own self is the greatest virtue or perhaps I can say that it is the root of all other virtues.
    best wishes.

    1. Lying and not lying to ourselves would be the beginning and the end, of all the illusion(s) that seem to exist separately from us. I assume, based on your alias, you agree. 🙂

      Thank you. Be well 🙂

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