Evil has no power

Tips how to convince a woman, how to get her to like, how to get her to approve, how to trick her into bed, motivated by his own conviction, and not by free choice…

And then a woman who’s made her web (for herself), now waiting to get convinced herself, as if she had no will of her own, who to go to, what to do…

They both seek to manipulate. They both manipulate themselves. They will both seem to manipulate each other. They will both think they’re victims and blame each other.

The unimaginable is achieved of nobody controlling anybody, yet both being controlled, while in their core they are their sole masters, and they could never be controlled, by anything but that –their own selves.

And then you have those guys who play powerful, intimidating to control others, while they don’t control themselves, while they need an army of fanatics to protect them, while they would be driven insane given the slightest opposition…

Their only ‘power’ is the lack of power of the rest, and only them do they affect. You don’t need to become a martyr to be free, you don’t need to suffer. The free simply put out no enforcement, no conviction, and receive none back. They don’t convince, force themselves, in the first place.

Nobody truly controls anybody, this way. For the only thing that could control is denied both by the ‘controllers’ and the ‘controlled’. If you tried to undo such control, you would fail, for you would chase shadows, something that doesn’t exist. It’s all a game of false impressions, of stimulus-response reactions. It’s more like a movie, than a game. It is an automatic machine.

Manipulative people don’t need to be stripped of their power, for they have none. They need to be granted power over themselves, freedom, for then they will no longer seek to manipulate.

‘Out there’ things are usually the opposite of what they seem to be. Within you lies the truth.

“Slave are those in this world
Give freedom to lay chains upon The Master
The wolf is no longer free
Release the chains and come for me.”


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