At times some like to create standards how to be like, and the rest ought to adopt them. It seems to me the emotionless, reactionless robot model of sanity suits our factory’s owners needs perfectly. And it would be wrong if you showed anger, for you would spook them. But if the same guys wanted to make a war, and you were not a acting like a berserker, you would be wrong again. So, lets adapt to their needs.

And let’s not forget about critical thinking. So we can think with fed information and be driven to predictable conclusions, instead of just believing in some religious dogma. Let’s not be stupid like them, lets use our minds, and believe contradictions like that the government is dishonest, but it wants to teach us the truth and how to think properly, so as to discover what it is dishonest about; as by nature, we couldn’t do that by ourselves, us faulty robots.


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