By introversion here I don’t mean somebody who doesn’t like to communicate, and spends time by him/herself.

We all know the person who analyzes him/herself all the time, trying to figure out the reasons why she/he feels like he feels, does what he does, and so on. And we all know the person who constantly points the finger analyzing him, judging him, often harshly, to no end.

There is a system of thought that a person who habitually harms employs: He puts other’s attention on themselves, kinda sticks their attention on themselves, so he wont have their attention on him. Why? So he wont be discovered.

In other words, he puts you in a maze within yourself, because you might find out what he does against you. You question yourself, so you wont question the environment. That’s what I mean by introversion.

It is most often the persons with some capacity of self-judgment, those who seek to be good to others, that introvert. Those who habitually judge, never question themselves. From their perspective, they are always ‘right’, and the rest all always ‘wrong’.

I have stated too that ‘the truth lies within you’, but I don’t mean anything like that. To question, to search, to evaluate, to invalidate or validate, and to simply perceive are completely different things. There is no fault-finding, no problems from a neutral perspective of infinity. There are no rights and no wrongs. So you see, I’m not advocating the opposite, to always be right yourself, instead of introverting, either.

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