The relative rights and wrongs of this blog

I am well aware many of the things I writte in here, could leave one perplexed instead of assisting him solve any problem. Most often my texts are addressed to some, who already have some personal perception what I talk about. And so, I pick a topic from that point, and I expand it.

And other times I refer to problems that some don’t and wouldn’t have as problems. I certainly don’t want to create problems to people that don’t and wouldn’t have them. I would only like to point something out to people that sort of have them, but are not fully aware what they are. They feel something’s wrong, they attribute it to something else, they try to dodge it, they try to adapt to it, resist it, protest it, hide it…and the problem doesn’t get resolved. And by ‘resolution’ I simply mean that a problem no longer exists. I don’t mean to go punch your neighbour, because he is noisy, so as to create further problems. I mean that your neighbour is no longer noisy, or that the noise no longer affects you, or that you even dance to the tune.

I cannot speak about any ‘reality’ and address everyone uniformly. On the other hand, the truth is not to be spoken, either. It is to be known. If I could speak any absolute truth, I certainly would. I try to approximate it as much as I can, each time.

I address people who more or less approximate my perception of what ‘reality’ and what ‘truth’ is or is not. And I don’t see any use in pointing out unsolvable problems (I don’t believe such a thing can exist). So, understand that since I address problems and solve them for myself, my perception of them changes, as well. And I would expect the same to happen to you too. My awareness of things in general changes from time to time. This perspective from which I think and write is a ‘work in progress’. The other perspective from which I resolve problems is not. It is absolute –absolutely unlimited. It can’t have any problems to write about.

May you -the infinite ‘you’- bless yourselves (some original wish)


One thought on “The relative rights and wrongs of this blog

  1. Spyros, I don’t mean to evaluate for you, but I get the feeling you’ve been on the path you’re on for more than this lifetime.

    Do you mind saying which philosophies you’ve practiced besides the two you’ve talked about? (And besides your own, of course. 😉 )

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