Paths to truth

One would probably consider it rational to write a post about some topic, and then on another time, write a post about another. But you see, other than the fun of writting about interesting things, and making friends with similar interests that I’m really interested in, I also have a purpose. There is something I want to get across, make it understood, by writting in here. So, I excuse myself a little repetition.

I’m not so interested in writting about what’s wrong about me and the world, and not even about what’s right. And I don’t want to create many -if any- logical thought patterns for you, that say ‘if this, then that’. I know about a principle that says that the best way to undo something negative, is to enhance the positive. You could also undo the negative, by addressing it properly, and bit by bit, as well. But it’s so much slower and arduous. The problem is that in order to handle something negative, you need to put it there, in the first place. So, why bother? And please keep in my, what I’ve written before, that for me, positive and negative mean truth and untruth, for I have read many other definitions.

If you have two people arguing, the best way to end their argument, wouldn’t be to examine and resolve what they argue about, bit by bit. But to create anew their friendship, love, relationship, good communication, or anything else you deem to be good.

Untruth, negativity is depended upon truth, positivity. Before you can have somebody who thinks he cannot do something, there must be somebody who can -even potentially- do it. For example, if somebody thinks he can’t talk to people, you could ask him to talk -even bit by bit- to people. You could start by having him wave at you, and not even utter anything, at first. You could ask him to imagine talking to you. Then you could ask him to say a mere ‘hi’. And in the end you could have him talk even more than you talk, yourself.

The way to not achieve that, but to rather achieve the opposite, is to figure out and point out to him reasons why he can’t talk. Or to sort of train him to do that to himself. And if you want to put a seal on it, so he will never talk again, then sympathise with him, asking him to compromise with the idea that he will never talk again.

If you ever discover some ‘terrible truth’, know you haven’t discovered enough. For the truth cannot be terrible. You have probably uncovered some more lies, that were hidden before, but that doesn’t make them truth.

I just mention all that, to point out, that what people look for to achieve with spirituality, spiritual philosophy, call it what you will, is already there. Just because it doesn’t have color, shape and it doesn’t hide under our beds, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Right now each one of us has a choice, to either know this or not. The choice is free, for free, with no demand for prerequisites. Nobody needs to climb up to any level to achieve that.

You were told that ‘the kingdom of God’ is somewhere up there, and you needed to be good (whatever was meant by good)  to reach it, for you had been a sinner. Or that the truth lies out there and needs to be searched for, figured out, assumed and discovered. You were told that in order to ‘gain’ abilities and freedoms you ought to practice hard. But all those things are not only within you, you are them. And just like if you dressed up like a troll on halloween, it wouldn’t make you one, if you assume a physical identity, a human body, it doesn’t change who you are, either.

And allow me to rudely say that all the problems we’ve ever had were part of a theatre play wherein, were were pretending to be unknowing, unable, alone and fragile; while we were the actors, the play, as well as the director.

Don’t take into consideration creepy stories about spirits, the spirit world and God; nor about the inevitable whip of the mind. TThe truth is light-hearted and funny; for we’ve been only fooling ourself within our own game. And makes it funny, are the stupid things we believe, and take so seriously. And how we think we can be harmed, while we can’t.

There is no question about living or not, either. Nobody needs to die, to become some spiritual self. That self is always there. The physical self is added as a role in life. But it’s done by voluntary choice.

All you have to do, to realize the untruth about a terrible condition, it to perceive from such a perspective –the perspective of truth. The more you create problems to solve, and reason why problems should exist, the more you can have them. And still you can’t have them as your basic self.

Yes, terrible things could happen to people. I don’t say otherwise. They are fragile compared to the forces of the universe. But those terrible things are only terrible FOR people, not for something that doesn’t have them.

What is the deepest you?



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