Impression versus understanding

An impression, a conviction is something you don’t fully understand, but you can use to motivate yourself.

With full or absolutely no understanding, nothing exists to motivate you; though you could just knowingly create an intention for yourself.

Beings try to understand, learn, know; specially when they’re invited to do so. And when that is not fully possible, they get stuck at trying to do it. Thus they create fixations. And if those fixations contain motivation, that will be stuck as well.

Women (men too) who wish to attract by being mysterious, by expressing no clear intention, know that. And some do that to the degree they don’t even know what they want, themselves, anymore, and wind up becoming subjective to being manipulated themselves –they taste their own potion.

Misunderstanding (incomplete understanding) is also used by some who wish to turn one against the other, because they know they are too weak to control them otherwise. Their ‘power’ is creating impressions, using others like that. Fear is an impression too. Most are afraid of things that aren’t there, but they have some conviction that ‘they will come’. It is so impossible to understand what isn’t there, anyway.

Who ever met and talked with an enemy? And who isn’t convinced he knows the truth about him (while he knows that he wonders about him)?

You could ask yourself honestly, what you truly know about what you know –but really you; not some expert, not another, not everybody else. You might get surprised at the answer.


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