The freedom to create our lives

A lot can be said about what problems are, and how they can be dealt with. And I have focused much on how to perceive, as clearly as possible. But I have a most important element out –the capacity to create.

The physical universe, as we know it from physics, is a reactive one. A force applied onto an object, results on another force being applied back. And there can be much more sophisticated actions-reactions, as in the case of machines. You turn a key, and a whole car starts to operate. You press a button on your mouse, and a whole program runs.

Those things have something in common. And what they have in common is sequence. There is a sequence of events, wherein one event triggers the other.

Your thoughts however, don’t need to operate like that. There can be absolute independence between one and another thought. And what you’re going to do with your thoughts is absolutely up to you. And if you wish to apply physical laws onto them, you can do that as well.

There can be a case that an event in your life will result in you thinking about it, have certain feelings about it, be lead to certain conclusions about it, and so on. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Basically, you are completely free to think of anything you want. I understand psychology and some others don’t agree with me. But I don’t  agree with them either, so whether you like what I write or not, at least grant me the liberty to disagree with them. I grant it to myself, anyway.

You can have a nothing wherein you can put anything you want. I refer to imagination. But not imagination that stems from the past, or is a mix of past experiences. So actually, there is no word to describe it as it is. Let’s call it creativity or creative capacity. You have the capacity to create. Create what? Anything!

Artists are often pretty good at that. They have a empty canvas or a non extant song and they put there anything they deem beautiful. They usually imagine it first, and then they draw it. Or they draw and imagine bit by bit, or other ramifications. And some others draw exact copies of physical universe objects, like some cover bands copy the songs of other bands. There can be those kinds too. But they all have the capacity to create something anew, whether they use it, or not.

And it can be considered quite important to know that you can do it. Because if you don’t know you can, you might never do it.

When it comes to thoughts, the most usual observable conditions are that people instead of making their own, they copy other people’s thoughts. Or they copy fragments of them, and they mix them by using logic or not, and thus they form ‘their own’. But the original source of those thoughts is not themselves. They are borrowed thoughts, even if they have been modified, mixed with other thoughts.

Well, they can all make their own thoughts. But that would be nearly a crime. Why? Because if I wanted to control you by giving you thoughts, I would want you to think the thoughts I give you, not your own.

You are free to reproduce, to be logical about past information you have received, from people, from the environment, or any other source. But you can also make completely new ones. There is a choice. And similarly, in your life, you have a choice to say something like ‘I got betrayed in my past relationships, so now I don’t trust’. You can do that. And then you can also experience the distrust. But it’s your own creation. You can say ‘I bought a flower so now I’m happy’. But you’ll be the one who puts the rule that the bought flower is making you happy. It’s your own creation. You could also say ‘I bought a flower, and so now I’m angry’. I know it wouldn’t be a usual thing to see, but it can be done, as well.

Logic and it’s rules are created by it’s creator. They don’t exist by themselves. It just happens that we, people are taught and tend to be logical, and interact with each other as such. And there is no obligation to yourself to be logical. You can think that a man drives a car, or you can think that a kangaroo drives a car.

And in the same fashion you can be completely independent from the past. There doesn’t have to be any logical sequence in your thoughts and in your life connected to what happened a moment ago; leave alone 15 years ago. Why should it matter what happened in the past? There is no past in present, or else it wouldn’t be past. You can think that the past influences you, and base your present decisions on that. But you don’t have to. And that’s the freedom I’m talking about. It is part of your freedom to create past influences and have them influence you. But you don’t have to.

Why focus on what happened yesterday and react to it, while you can think of what you want to happen from now on, and act accordingly?

You can focus on your past experiences, on past information you have read, on your environment or anything else you want. And then you can act accordingly. You are free to do so. But you can also imagine and focus on what you yourself want. And that doesn’t have to be a product of the past, by any means.


2 thoughts on “The freedom to create our lives

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