Connection, separation, and some thoughts about God

I’ve known about different schools of thought that teach about ‘all being one’ and others that teach separation.

And although from certain perspective there can seem to be conflict, from others there don’t have to be.

The problem is that in talking about ‘being separate’ or in ‘being one’ things are often not adequately defined. Being one with what and being separate from what, and above all whom?

I have found liberation in knowing that I -as spirit- am separate from matter (my body in particular). And no matter how ‘one’ I could become with it, I wouldn’t get better.

And I have also found liberation in realizing ‘other’ things are part of who I am. And that separating from them created troublesome conditions.

It is a matter of perspective, each time, and the borders can be thin.

I don’t think we are all one. For ‘one’ implies a material unit. I don’t think God is a unit, leave alone a material unit. I don’t think we are incomplete pieces of a whole, either.

That’s thinking in terms of the material universe. But when we talk about that which precended any universe, materialistic logic, mathematics do not apply. And this language is inadequate to express it, as well.

Is it vastly different to consider oneself as part of something, and to consider all to be part of complete being. That complete being doesn’t have to be a unit. It could be units. It could be nothing, it could be anything.


27 thoughts on “Connection, separation, and some thoughts about God

  1. As always, I see your point & for the most part, I agree. I think we are so far removed from the point before Being, we can’t see the forest, through the trees. But, if what you say is so, then I’ll gladly accept your explanation of where my message come from, since I know for certain it didn’t fall from the sky. In truth, it actually did. #NOTHINGMatters

    1. From an all-ness pespective I am the body too. But the body and the spirit are not the same (one). That’s what I mean. I have a hard time using language to write about this stuff.

      You said: “But, if what you say is so” What exactly were you refering to?

      1. I know. Its hard for me too. I totally misunderstood. We are back in accord. They are definitely not the same. As far as my vision, I would never have spoke of it, if all of us three, were still alive today.

        1. “As far as my vision, I would never have spoke of it, if all of us three, were still alive today.”

          I liked it. Although I didn’t notice the other two.

    2. *to be something and to identify with something are not the same. But how to explain that without writting a book first? 😛

      That’s another reason why I’ve blown up the blog a couple of times, before.

      1. You know how rain cascades down glass or a window. It was freezing 1, winter when it got too cold, we would warm up in a old car that didn’t move. Anyway the rain, or maybe it was the snowmelt, made frozen stains on the windshield. But for some reason, I started to stare & then the picture became crystal clear. At 1st, I said nothing, for fear of being made fun of. As turned my attention to something else, I realized that it was on all of the windows. Had to say something after that. Anyway, eventually 1 began to see, & I was satisfied with that. But I guess the lesson was supposed to let all see. The 1 who didn’t, died less than 24 hrs later. Please, I beg of you, tell me what that meant.

            1. Darn.

              Sorry, I’m not supposed to comment about that. No truth will be revealed by adding more thoughts.

              But if you know what I’ve been talking about, you could use it.

              1. Why are you not supposed to? I’ve been searching for an answer for long time. No need to apologize, my friend. Just wanted you to know where my thinking came from. Thanks for lending your ear. 😊

                1. I understand.

                  When I read about the vision, I stayed neutral. I have my own, and it’s a different story.

                  If I thought I could help you, by ginving you an answer, I would. I don’t have any external rules.But to give you an opinion wouldn’t help, I think. You want truth. I could try to point out how to know, but I cannot point out truth.

                  1. If I have seen it, I’m seeing it in reverse. What story do you mean, the Bible? Not really, but my family is deeply rooted in the church. But as a child, I asked strange questions, & all I got was funny looks.

                    1. The story about how beings came to be etc.

                      I used to ask a lot too, and piss people off. They wound up telling me ‘It is because it is’ 😛

                    2. Then I’d have to say no. But every since, I can see the connection between the evolution of Being, & I guess, the devolution of Wonder.

                    3. Going back to your original query about that incident, it makes me think you thought I am something like a psychic.I am not and I cannot show one how to be it.

                      I have met some, some of which had some potential to know, indeed.

                      About knowing all…I don’t. Imagine how many beings there are; I think there are many. If each one thoroughly knew all about it’s experiences, and you knew those two, then you could know all about them, I think. That’s a lot!

                      But yes, I do think there is potential to know, within all beings. It isn’t some trick. It is an ability. And figuring out, remembering, wondering is not how to go about it.It is more direct. It is knowing yourself.

                      If you’re interested to know more about a past experience, know I address the present.

                      Some others do address the past (bring it in present).

                    4. Right now I’m occupied with something. I will tell you more about knowing, later. But understand that in order to explain things thoroughly I’d need to write a book. Leave alone the things I don’t understand, myself.

                    5. It’s very kind of you to call me that, and thank you.

                      Like you, I know nothing. And we can both create things to know, including burdened memories that can be unburdened. I used to be much into that. Now I just don’t bother with re-creating the past. But if you want, you can do it. I don’t want to disappoint you, with regards what you can do. You can do anything, actually right now.

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