Supernatural abilities

What are they? Do they exist?

Before we go into that, I think we should define what ‘natural’ abilities would be. I think they would be all those abilities related to human structure, when we talk about humans. It’s using the human parts to perceive to do things. Humans can see, they can run, they can talk, they can jump etc.

Can a human gain abilities beyond those?

My answer is I don’t know.

Still things like telepathy, remote viewing as well as an endless array of things, I know they can exist. Whether they have been tested in a lab or not, I still know it.

I don’t assert any human has those abilities, so neither to do I assert they could be tested in a lab.

I think the source of those abilities, or better said the source of that phenomena is the same source as the source of imagination. No imagination has ever been seen in any lab, and odds are it never will. If somebody insists that he knows what the source of imagination is, without ever seeing any, I surrender already, because that’s too scientific for my dogmatic tinfoil hat standards.

At least I hope I still have the right to argue about it, without getting burnt on the stake, or being helped out with a lobotomy or something.

I personally cannot point out that source geographically, as I don’t know nor do I think it has a geographic location.

You can call it spirit, spirits, God, the Force or anything you like. I don’t care to argue about this now.

I believe there is no limit to what that phenomena could be. I believe all that we see is a product -or byproducts- of such phenomena. If evolution existed, if the big bang existed, there has to be a beginning to everything, in a time sequence.  And who knows what was before even that, or elsewhere that we cannot observe through our eyes, from this tiny planet, wherein some claim to know everything and take no back-chatting.

Who commands those abilities?  I believe they preceded the creation of any ‘who’, so I don’t think anybody -as we know them- does. And so I don’t know whether ‘abilities’ would be the right word, either. And leave alone that since I consider the so called natural to be a product of the so called supernatural, I don’t create divisions between those two, either. We perceive a limited scope of wavelengths through our human bodies and the machines we make. I find it from arrogant to medieval to consider that’s all that is ‘natural’.

But sure, that potential is what I call the true self or source. And that source is me, you, your neighbor and probably your dog too.

It is potential to create and to perceive, regardless of human or other perception channels.

I vouch for it based to own experience that I can have with ease, and so you can call the doctors for me.

And the only difference between me and another who would be convinced that ‘all those things’ are BS, is that I cared (and I dared) to look into it, myself. I don’t think of that potential as a threat to me or others, as I wouldn’t use it to harm, to put myself above others, so I don’t need to hide it from my awareness, either. This is a rule you need to be aware of. If you use potential to a harmful end, you become unaware of it, so you wont harm.

And I have long gone through the ‘Is it real or imaginary?” argument too.
Those arguments with people who -with some apathetic certainty- know me better than I know myself, are predictable and boring, and I no longer care to argue. I’m not and never was addressed to people who don’t want to know about those things themselves, or who cannot handle it, anyway. I only write in case I can bring to somebody’s attention something that he already knows. It is something few good people have done for me, and I want to do for others too, in turn. I’m motivated by the same thing they were, I suppose. It is a pleasure when I manage to do it.

For me one of the best ways to know something is to experience it. It is not to read about it, analyze it, believe it. Direct, personal experience is above those.

The potential for creation as well as of perception is unlimited, and so is the potential for no creation as well as of no perception. If you wish to look into this matter yourself, be aware of that. And don’t incapacitate yourself before you even create and perceive something because ‘it cannot happen’, ‘it is not real’ etc. What will be, and as well as what will be perceived is entirely up to you, as you are that potential –you minus your body, and minus your not knowing who you are and how you got it, if you entertain such thoughts.

I’m much more interested in practice than in theories, no matter how nice they are. So I wish those who are on the route of discovering this potential, themselves, a good time.


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