A reminder to my friends

This blog is a procedure. It is not a source of knowledge. The desirable outcome of this procedure would be to be aware of your own potential to create and to know.

I can write my own words, and have my own views and you can have your own. And no matter what I write, this potential will not change, I know.

Don’t see this procedure as something that I do to you. My own perspective changes, as I go through this, and it is meant to be like that.

When you attempt to understand something better, change occurs. That is what ‘better’ means. And the author of this blog is no all-knowing thing, any more than an unsuspecting random person is.

This blog will go again sometime, and it might return. For I don’t want my words to be permanent. Fixed words, fixed ideas, fixed conditions are what the blog is meant to help resolve.

And each time should be better than the previous.

Each time I start thinking from nothing. And I want to have my blog sort of be like that to.

If you wish for stable knowledge, you can find many places. I just don’t think that such a thing could be true. I don’t believe in an unchangeable reality. I believe in potential realities.

But if you wish to find truth, you might find it in me or in any other person or in yourself. It is the one thing unchangeable and common in all, but it is not really a thing neither is it ideas how things are like.

Of course, the above don’t change that we can still be friends 😛


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