I’m sorry but I am not here to agree with anybody, about certain things. Just like I don’t agree with myself so as to learn or unlearn things, I have to do so with others.

Agreements with the physical universe, and agreements with our minds that copy it, bring about it’s consequences. And inability to disagree with the physical universe and the mind, makes those consequences seem inevitable.

To not agree doesn’t mean to fight. Not at all. Actually, if you get taunted, you need to agree with that taunting, so as you get engaged into a fight. And you have to agree with all sorts of interconnected ideas related to that so as to fight, and feel bothered about it afterwards.

And two could agree that their relationship is messed up, and instead of solving it, they would either keep it as such or completely consequently destroy it.

We could agree over all that we perceive with our bodies and think with our minds, and still not make things any better. On the contrary, we would make them more unsolvable and worse.

But we can also agree with solving those matters. And that’s a sort of an agreement I value more.

To not agree doesn’t mean to resist, it means to no longer co-create. When one creates an idea, and another does the same, they co-create the same or about the same idea, and that’s more or less agreement. I think ‘banana’, you think ‘banana’, and we agree. Yes, but if ‘banana’ was a problem and we all agreed about it endlessly, we could never get rid of it. Somebody needs to make a ‘no banana’ by not making the banana, by not agreeing. Similarily if everyone saw some ‘end of the world’ coming, and passively agreed with it, it would inevitably arrive. And somebody would need to disagree with it, so that it wouldn’t.

The first and perhaps the last step in not having something, is by not putting it there, yourself. Then it no longer is there for you. And that is different than to put it there and resist or hide it. And it is certainly different than to try to figure it out.

I wish to agree over fluidity, freedom and disagree over inevitability and chains. And this doesn’t contradict my previous post about ‘letting things be’ at all. For by agreein with things, I would just keep putting them there, resisting them, trying to change them and so on. Before you can have something no longer be, you just let it be, and just perceive… and it no longer is. Why does it cease to exist? Because it wouldn’t exist without it’s source putting it there, then trying to change it, then trying to destroy it.

There is no political system there to be changed or destroyed either. There is each one of us, who creates it for himself the way he does, puts it there, contributes to it, resists it -or not-  or fights against it. Why fight, and fight what but yourself? If you don’t want it, just don’t put it there, and maybe put something else there, instead.

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