Be practical with this

For me anything I read that I could call valuable is as valuable as it has something to offer.

I really see no point in reading about anything, like how the world is like and so on, if it doesn’t assist me in what I want to achieve.

I could see value in those as a sort of entertainment, like I would read a novel, or something of that sort.

But when we talk about how things are, we usually try to gain better understanding about them. And better understanding for me doesn’t mean to be aware of problems so you will be stuck in them. My task at least, is not to be stuck.

I really don’t mind who that source of information is, either. What if somebody has 12 diplomas but what he tells me does not assist me with what I want? And what if somebody has none but what he tells me does?

If I want to cook something, I will choose the best recipe based on the food it will help me make, not based on how famous the cook and author of the recipe is, not based on other’s reviews, not based on another’s ideas what food I should make.

I have my own tastes, and cook what I like, literally and figuratively.

There is no subjective right or wrong with regards to what food is good, that I know. And so in my life, I follow my own intentions, and I try to only use that which assists me to achieve them.

And so in here I am don’t write to give intentions to anybody. But if your intentions coincide with mine, it could be that you’d find some of the things written in here useful. Since I am not a school teacher, I don’t ask nor would I like to give somebody things to memorize nor to think about. Why, that’d be the reverse of what I try to achieve.

I want people to be practical, and see if and how much anything they read can be used to a good end.

Things that I write in here might seem strange to some, as they belong in the fields of metaphysics, spirituality and so on; but I have used them to a good end myself. Whether you will or not, is entirely up to you. I don’t insist that anyone ought to be interested in what I am, and have similar intentions with me. I’m clarifying this being aware that some feel threatened that I try to convince about something. I think they are already too convinced about some things, and not by myself, if they can’t stand a different perspective.

But if we coincide please let go of that old system of teaching and of thought that asked you to to memorize and analyze forever.

If I gave you a recipe to cook something, and you wanted to cook it, I would also want you to cook it, not to think about it. Just do it. Make the experience your own, so you can know for and by yourself.

That’s how I evaluate whether information is useful or not. Can it be used? If so, to what end(s)?

If I had a magic stick, with which I could turn a glass of water into lemonade, I really wouldn’t care whether anybody believed in magic or not, where it seemed logical or not. I would be able to have my lemonade. Equally, if my stick was a glorified one (it would be called a ‘wand’ then) it wouldn’t necessarily mean it could make any lemonade.

The kind of understanding I would like to occur is not so much what you understand by reading, but what you understand by using –if you want to use. Having that lemonade –that’s the real thing.


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