The reason why

What is or what are the reasons why things are the way they are?

In a time sequence, in logic, one thing seems to bring about the other: “I don’t work, so I don’t have money”, “I had a fight, so I’m not feeling good”, “My mom did this to me, so now my subcoscious makes me do that”. And the ‘reasons why’ could be searched for backwards in time, revealing more and more reasons why. This searching that could be endless, unless you maybe you reached the beginning of time.

Logic say something like all existence is a sort of machine, with interacting parts, that evolved from one point to what is today. And that is time.

But my thinking is different. Sure, if you think that due to that fight you’re not feeling well now, you can have it happen. But let me ask something, where is that fight now? If it’s a past fight, then the answer should be ‘nowhere’. So then how come something that is not existing influence you? You could say that it is influencing you through your memories of it, and again I could ask ‘where are those’?  I mean regardless of times that you indeed think of memories, where are they? Nowhere. They don’t exist.

To have a memory so as to say that it influences you, you have to imagine it in the now. To have a subcoscious, you need to do the same. To have reasons why in present something is influencing you, forcing you, inhibiting you and so on, you need to create it in the now. It is you who is making that happen –not made it happen, but making it. It doesn’t matter what you made a moment ago.

You can think that something had been there all along, and you were unaware of it, and that you now notice it. Still, it would be your own thinking. And you could -while thinking it exists by itself, or that something other than yourself makes it for you- go on making it happen, without knowing that you are making it happen. But you are making it happen. And because you are, you can also stop. Or you can making something else, instead. That’s all it takes.

The reason for karma, for subconscious, for any past that you think is having an effect on you, is you. And it is you in the now, not in some non extant past.

The reason why is you.


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