Different viewpoints and freedom

There are a number of things that I believe fighting and resulting misery have in common. Those are: To not allow of one to be it’s own viewpoint, no matter what that is. To not allow one to be. And to not allow one to determine himself.

Whether one thinks we are of the same source, each one of us is it’s own viewpoint, and that makes us distinct, unique individuals. One is not allowed to enforce some truth or reality and demand that others agree with it. Equally one is not allowed to forcefully destroy nor to alter what another deems to be truth or reality. There can be exchange of ideas, of course; but freely, without enforcement, conviction. And when I say ‘not allowed’, I don’t mean some law. I mean it doesn’t actually happens to each spiritual viewpoint.

One is not allowed to reduce another’s potential, either. To freely use it or not is an inherent right of all. It is the basic nature of all.

This doesn’t mean to use one’s freedom so as to reduce another’s.

I believe free potential is what we have in common, or more correctly, what we are. And if it isn’t obvious, it is because it is denied, apparently by others, but ultimately by ourselves. And a neat way to keep perpetuating that, is to keep denying the freedom of others. The freedom of ‘others’ is my freedom too.

I wish for each one to take the road(s) he/she wishes to take. To believe or not anything he/she wishes. And if I could make everyone believe me, I wouldn’t.

An agreement that stems from inside, that is self-determined, is not the same as an agreement that stems from a conviction. It is quite different to have somebody be your friend because he likes you, and to do the same because he thinks he is dependent on you. One is self-determined, the other is imposed by dependence. Deep down, that enforcement is untrue as well, but that is another story.

The unity that some seek, will not be accomplished by imposing agreements. That would be a unity of objects and not of free beings.

I trust each one wants the right thing, even if it’s way different than what I want. The only way that couldn’t true, would be if he/she/it didn’t truly want it him/her/itself.


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