Realism pointed the finger at the righteousness of religion and swapped it with the righteousness of finding positivity in being used in other rigged games and jungle laws. You’d better like it or else.

I’d find mambo jumbo more charming, than a dead, self-created, self-evolving black hole, who’s the mother and father of all life. It certainly is the mother and father of ideas like if you work for 5$ per hour, you get your fair shot at one day becoming as ethical as those who steal the rest of your 50$. They’re not ‘God’s chosen people’ anymore. We’re not dumb enough to believe that, anymore. They’re ‘natural selection’, ‘survival of the fittest’. Apparently ‘fittest’ being leeches.

“If you could steal too, you would. You don’t, because you just can’t. And you are jealous of those who can.” Some dude pointed out at me the other day. I guess decency, honor are considered highly unrealistic, by the concrete jungle baboons, -who are thoroughly used themselves- and I couldn’t have him understand that I don’t even want to be a ‘winner’ in this game. I don’t want to profit out of another’s slave-job, nor do I wish to buy anybody’s fake obedience and affection. I give and take freely and for free.

I don’t even compare them to animals to degrade them. I degrade animals by comparing them to such people, because animals are more valuable to the overall well-being of the planet than them. I will certainly love and be loved back by an animal, much more than by somebody who deems things like love to be unreal because he/she can’t see them with his eyes, touch them with his hands, eat them, put them in a safe etc.

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