Is destruction bad?

If you knew that your neighbor had and violently abused a kid, would it be bad to report him?

If you knew that a person or a number of people were being cheated would you let them know?

Would the potential destruction of the cheater make your deed negative? What about the potential destruction of all the rest who were being cheated?

“What is good for the hunter, is not good for the duck”. So, if I was a duck, I would tell my fellow ducks to avoid that lake wherein the hunter lurked, even if that mean the hunter would starve.

“Let it be”. Yes, I’d rather let 10 people be and have 1 go, than the other way around. Even better, if I could let them all be. It isn’t an absolute ‘this way’ or ‘that way’ you see.

This has nothing to do with hate, revenge and punishment. Punishment is ‘you did this 5 years ago, so now take pain’. What matter is what happens now, and from now on. I think it’s really messed up to hold one’s past sins suspended in time, to destroy him. And I wouldn’t expect from any sinless person to do that. Why should anybody be bothered to dig out and find what I did 5 years ago, that no longer exists? So I will be afraid of getting punished for my past sins, fix my attention there, and not notice his present sins and well as the ones he possibly intends to do. That’s why. That’s why he would also try to find ‘wrong’ things about me (my hair, my this, my that) that shouldn’t be of any concern to him. They guy thinks he is wrong, -so much, he can’t face it- and he reflects himself on another. When I get customers at work who act like that, and who get offended by me sitting, doing nothing or just minding my own business, I know who’s going to cause trouble. And it usually happens.

I wouldn’t hunt anybody down about something in the past. But if a present condition required it, I wouldn’t have any remorse to go berserk. What if somebody was getting raped, sit and watch?

Of course, it’s so much better to not even have such conditions to deal with. And I don’t long for them. And this is the tricky part, that one could get confused with. Truth is, they don’t have to exist. And yes, it is depended on you, me, whether they exist or not. How is that? How is it that some seem to draw such conditions on them and some others don’t? How is it that some times I seem to have a streak of such conditions and other times not? I have already written about this. And one does not negate the other. It has to do with what we basically are and what we can have happen.

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