Life purpose/free communication

This is about my own purposes, not the purposes of life in general.

I don’t want to be as dramatic as to say something like ‘I want to help/save people’.

First of all, I don’t think one is incapable of walking on his/her own route. But what I’ve noticed in walking my routes is that I often looked ‘out there’ to find things that matched the destinations I wished to reach. This can be good or bad. For I could be drawn that way in games I wouldn’t really wish to play. It’s actually happened to me, a few times.

And this is why I write for. I don’t write to give a route. I write to draw attention on possible derails one could have with regards to his own route–the route he/she wishes to take, as well as to enhance ones own walking on his own routes.

And I’ve been aware of some derails, which is why I point them out. Those are intentional derails.

There have been efforts for all to walk the same routes, by enforcement and by trickery. That is done in an effort to control. Because some wish to do that. They wish to become what they already are, but are unaware of. And they’re quite derailed themselves. And so I expose those routes; not to fight them, but so one wont have to walk them. And so I write about ways to be aware of that, and to know own routes again –if he wants any routes at all. For one of the purposes of those righteous routes, that all ought to take, are to forget one’s own routes, you see.

You could see me and what I write as a tool, and not as a guide. Each one should be his own guide. I’m meant to serve your purposes, and that would serve mine.

I know when I do something that is aligned with what I really want, by how it feels to me. And I know it might not quite feel the same to another. That’s OK. Keep in mind, I don’t wish to force-feed my perception of reality and truth to anybody. I’m no school teacher. I wont give bad grades to anybody, I wont charge them with mental illnesses if they don’t want to/can’t have their attention calmly fixed on what I say for 7 hours per day, nor will I condemn them to any hell.

So, whatever you read from me, don’t confuse me with them. I’m just a person who talks…with no arrogance and no humility. I can serve, because I don’t have to. And you can take it or leave it too.

Why would anyone feel forced by some text on the internet, unless he forced himself? Indeed, the more un-free one is, the less tolerant he is of different viewpoints. He is forced and he forces and takes anything different than what he thinks as enforcement, as what he thinks is enforcement–same with deception. And if you try to do anything to what he thinks (communicate something to him), the enforcement kicks in.

Ultimately, you couldn’t force a free being.

If you told me that spirits were coconuts, I might laugh. But I wouldn’t feel forced to believe it, you see. Nor would I have to change your mind about it, either. But I could express my own viewpoint too, in turn. And so could all, unless they were given and were convinced by some perception of what the truth and what reality is. Then they would kick back. And in the worst case they would try to attack the source of what is written–not even debate about what is written. You know, like “you’re wrong, you’re bad, you’re crazy, you think you know better…”.

If we want freedom of communication, freedom of information, we all need to be tolerant of different viewpoints. Until then, we will be getting bombarded by those who speak ‘objective’ realities an truths, and we will also believe them or fight against them, while believing something else. One brings about the other, you see.

And until we can freely communicate our own viewpoints, democracy will be a delusion. I confess I’m not democratic myself. I try to not be influenced by what the majority thinks. I try to have my own perception and make my own life, independently. But I would prefer some actual democracy than the sneaky fascism of “Parrot this objective truth, (that is so ‘objective’, you’re not even aware of) it’s for your own good. If you don’t, it’s because you’re not clever enough”.


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