Truth and Reality

Are truth and reality the same thing?

Well, it depends on what meaning each one gives to these words.

Maybe I’ve made the mistake to use those two deliberaly, without clarifying what I mean; but hey, so I’ve been doind with most things.

For me truth is a thing unchanged, without lies, without hiding, misunderstanding, additives. Reality is what each one perceives it to be as well as what people among each other communicate (again, they perceive from each other) that it is. So you see, that could include misunderstanding, additives, hiding, untruths etc. There could be wide varieties of realities about a subject. There doesn’t have to be a single thing called reality. There can be many different perspectives. But there can be a single thing called truth.

For example, regarding my (or anybody’s) articles, the truth about my articles is what I intend to write, what I imagine. Reality is what each one perceives that I’ve written–what each one imagines in turn,  and then might also communicate about it. You see, those two don’t have to be the same –not even close. I try to bring them together, sometimes.

Now, assuming there were many realities about a subject, and they were also contradictory, and at war with each other. How would you unite them? Force them all to accept somebody’s righteous version reality? That would mean suppression. No, just know the truth. For the truth to be known, one needs to be the author, not the reader–the creator, not the observer.

For example, you’d need to know what Tolkien imagined, as he was writing the Hobbit, not what some reader imagined as he was reading it. And if you want the truth about anything else, you’d need to do the same.

So if some people were arguing over something about the Hobbit, what would happen if they got to know what Tolkien was thinking? They would quit arguing, and we would have peace and serene Tolkien fans.

And that’s the difference between truth and reality. And the author of this blog, as well as the authors of my physics books,  as well as the authors of the Bible are observers of life, and not the authors –no more than everybody else is.

I can respect different versions of reality, minus the ones that want to be ‘one and only’, ‘true’ realities. Those are disrespectful, dominant by themselves. I don’t confuse truth with reality. Truth does not create divisions, and so no pounding is needed. Truth is understanding, harmonious unity, peace. Communication needs divisions, individuals to take place. The truth cannot be communicated. It can be known.



2 thoughts on “Truth and Reality

  1. You made some good points in your post.In my opinion truth is a an easy topic to write about, but it is often difficult to get people to take our perspective seriously. They all have their own ideas. But reality is more than having an idea, is being able to trust your idea with your life. That is my qualifier. How many people would wager their life on their idea? That puts truth and reality in a whole new perspective I think. Where there is no penalty for being wrong,…any old idea will fly.

    1. Yes. I try to align my intentions with what I perceive as reality. If not absolutely, as much as I can in any moment.

      But by ‘truth’ I meant more than a single individual’s thoughts. I meant a creation -even if it becomes real- that is known for what is originaly meant to be. Like, if we knew exactly how Earth, that is a real subject, came to exist, we would be closer to truth about it, I assume. But now I think ‘we’ more like mame assumptions, instead.

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