Bipolar society

Where I live, if you want to start your own business, society is group-oriented–socialistic. It operates based on the common good. You need licenses, insurances, taxes and you need to have worked for another for a few decades before you can afford it, unless you wish to borrow or be given money from family, or something. In which case, you will be in debt. The reason for this is, ‘Let’s not be selfish. We need to take care of the whole’.

But while you work for another, oh then society is individual-oriented–capitalistic. That guy you work for is supposed to keep the greatest percentage of the earnings you make for him, because he owns the land and the equipment you work with. The reason is ‘Hey, he has done more than you to deserve it (probably inherited money, or something). Or maybe God has blessed him more than you.

I wouldn’t consider it a blessing to have people propitiate me so they can live. It seems I believe in a different version of ‘enlightment’. And even if you gave me money, I wouldn’t be that guy. I’d rather spend it all on nutella, than play the messiah ‘job creator’, and bury money in Swiss bank accounts.

It must be because of my past sins, that don’t let me see the goodness in this. Or maybe I’ve been so envious of them, that I have forgotten how much I want to be like them. Yes, I would expect to hear such stuff. But I just think I don’t need and I wouldn’t like to have anyone kiss my shoes, so that he can live. How is that for an explanation?

And since they analyze me, let me analyze them too. A single pyramid of authority is not enough. One needs to enslave the other, to ‘control’ the populace. And that’s the reason for this contradictory insanity.

In feudal times, the feudal lord used to do this to the male worker, the male worker to the wife, the wife to the child. and so there were pyramids within pyramids, within the greater pyramid of the state. And everything was ‘under control’. Of course now we have ‘freedom’ so both men and women can enjoy having the same employers. No more suppression and unequality.

I bet that crosses nobody’s mind when they supposedly ponder and try to figure out how to ‘create jobs’. But let’s rephraze that, to be honest: ‘How everyone must work for few’–actually, fewer and fewer as time passes. As one company buys the other, and employers become less, and employees become more. It doesn’t cross anybody’s mind that if you need to be rich before you create and work in your own business, then business will be getting less and less. Those poor guys don’t know it. Maybe somebody should tell them.

How does one expect another to have money before he works so that he can work (for himself). And alternately how does one expect another to work for another for barely enough money to survive, and afford to create his own business someday? Could anybody solve this sureal puzzle for me, or see any good reasons behind it?

I am confident that this state of affairs is gradually ending –if not by tomorrow, then withint a few years or decades. I don’t see any absolute slavery coming. Even that we have the internet and can freely talk about things, worldwide, is something that would drive a slave system crazy. Mind control played a crucial role in all this. I prefer to think of the above as remnants of older more barbaric ages, and tend to still remain here and there, but also slowly fade.


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