Brainwashing and fanaticism

I don’t like to bring up such dark topics, and I don’t want to write much about it. And the reason for that is that I don’t want to enhance any ideology that says that people are victims to the brainwashing that is done to them, thus making them fanatics.

I’m not a fan a victims. If we can’t even take responsibility for what we believe and what we do, if we blame others for those, we enhance and justify brainwashing and fanaticism.

I would just like to point out something. That I’ve noticed fanatics are never fanatic about what they have loved. It is always the opposite. You see love and freedom, freedom and love are a pair. And hate goes along with fanaticism–another pair.

For brainwashing to occur, overwhelm needs to occur too. Some people get more easily overwhelmed than others. Some others are constantly overwhelmed. And when one is overwhelmed he sort of gives up his determination over himself, he surrenders, and he is susceptible to getting brainwashed.

That’s why I get suspicious when I read about ‘surrendering to the universe’ as a form of spiritual awakening. Same with knocking oneself out with toxic substances, to hallucinate. You can believe in that. I don’t.

Obviously, nobody gets overwhelmed by anything he likes, nor by being too free. Nobody would kill his wife out of too much love, but maybe out of too much jealousy, or something else that reverses love. There’s nothing violent about love. Those dudes that would be willing to kill for their beliefs, don’t do it because they love what they believe in. Nobody loves to go kill any bad people. Nobody loves to think there are bad people, bad Gods, harsh ethics, and so on. What they believe in has been forced on them, in one way or another, and they force it upon themselves, and they force it upon others, as well.

Where you see physical or other forms of punishment, as a form of education or of maintaining morals, you can expect fanaticism (but not just there). Punishment and then threats of punishment can overwhelm people, and then they might as well become punishers themselves. They might think that to be a punisher is the way to not be punished.

When you see somebody raging about something, you would expect that he would agree with what he rages about. But often it is the opposite. That guy probably has those ideas force-fed to him, in one way or another–so much, that he is one with them. This is brainwashing and conviction.

Again, I’m telling you I don’t deny individual responsibility in getting brainwashed. And no, it doesn’t have to happen, even if somebody attempted to brainwash you.

And above that, understand that spirits -being nothing- cannot get brainwashed. Those things pertain to humans that give up their own self determination and adopt exterior ideas, instead. And all they need to do is to get back in control of themselves. It is a choice.


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