Crazy talk

Before you consider something or somebody to be crazy, irrational, unreasonable, because he doesn’t have and doesn’t express beliefs that are aligned with commonly held beliefs, I would like to point out a few commonly held beliefs of the past and maybe of the present too, so that you will be aware what you compare that person or beliefs against. Be aware of what is considered to be ‘normal’.

The backbone of global economy is mostly based on involuntary work. It is called a job and it is considered different than slavery, because nobody holds a whip.

Involuntary memorization and repetition of books read, is often called education and it’s considered different than brainwashing (unless some opposing ideology does it). In such places, often things like ‘freedom of speech’ get taught as well.

Learning through pain, punishment is still how kids get educated in some countries (it used to be like that in Europe too).

Places where people are likely to get beaten, injured, raped and humiliated, are considered places of rehabilitation (prisons).

In some religions, an omnipotent, omnipresent being cannot be responsible for his own creations. And it is considered an act of unconditional love to condemn his creations to eternal suffering.

Until recently, women were considered inferior beings in some western cultures. Children are still considered that. They are not granted their rights over themselves, that adults have.

In some Christians countries, the most pro-Christian politicians are against giving up wealth and sharing it with the poor, against being forgiving sinners (criminals etc), and for human authority over men–The exact opposite of what Christ said.

German Nazis and Russian communists, being former allies, now form the two extremes of the opposing right and left political wings. Actually, communism was invented in Germany too.

To make a person a plant, was called mental healing a few decades ago.

While pointing out tobacco’s harmful effects, chemicals get induced into food and in some places into water, as well. Mutated, and chemical-rich food is now considered ‘normal’. And plain food is a special kind called ‘bio’.

Most news on TV, in newspapers and the internet repeat the same events, as if they were the only events that took place, on a planet with billions of people.

Again, I’m pointing out some beliefs that are considered ‘normal’. I’m not pointing out anything as true nor false, nor trying to hold anybody accountable. I’ve had a fair share of stupidity too, in my life. And I know many of the things I write about in here, from myself.

And if you notice (at least I do) as time passes, those things tend to fade. I consider that fortunate. Where I live, in present, you’re not allowed to hit a dog, leave alone a child.

Also, understand why I’d have no remorse to believe and write about the most abnormal things. I don’t compare mine to others, so that I will know what I should write. Without new ideas, we would have to be stuck in the old ones, or reject life as a whole, if those old ones are not that nice. If I was occupied with proving myself right, proving others wrong, seeking to find the guilty ones, and trying to fit in other’s ideas, I could never change. Nothing could.

I might right something today, and then I might write something different tomorrow. Why not, will I get bad grades?


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