Freedom is not chaos

I suppose you’ve already seen what happened in Paris, after the attack. I don’t mean the panic and grief etc. I mean afterwards.

France and Germany and Britain have tightened their security to avoid further problems. You could put the blame about that on few. But the problem is the people living there don’t wish to get blasted in some explosion, either. So, they too wish for tighter security measures, specially in Paris.

And so now they discuss to ban the Schengen treaty as well, which allowed us to travel from country to country, without passports and checks, within Europe.

Distrust, division, and un-freedom got created. And similar things happened to the US after 9/11, from what I understand.

I don’t get into whether the EU, the East and the West are good, bad etc. Or whether it was  That’s beside the point.

Few people had the freedom to cause that chaos, and we all pay for it now–both Europeans and refugees.

We can’t allow one to reduce the freedom of the other, or force himself upon another -as in the case of those terrorists in Paris- and call it freedom. Where we have opposition, the freedom of one becomes the un-freedom of the other. And that’s a problem. And above that, another problem, they both wind up losing their freedom. Countries with the most hostile-among-each-other people, get the most oppressive governments, from what I see.

I do value freedom. But if you allow a dictator to freely dominate you, he will be free and you wont. And I don’t mean some country’s official dictator. I mean anybody. A beggar on the street could have a dictator’s attitude. I like to help when I can, but I wouldn’t feel like it, if it was demanded from me. That wouldn’t be help at all. It would be closer to getting mugged.

The best way I can think of to not have such phenomena is to mutually respect each other, let each other be. But if one doesn’t do that, he cannot be allowed to dominate the rest. That’s not being free. That’s Stockholm syndrome.


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