From our physical perspective, we are located in a tiny planet, in some corner of a galaxy, which galaxy is also tiny compared to the observed physical universe.

And it would be fortunate if anyone’s perspective was as big as the whole of this tiny planet. Usually a human person’s perspective is no larger than the house he lives in, the route he takes to go to work or to meet with friends and hang out.

Yet some are terribly convinced they know the reality about things. They come along and tell you with certainty ‘This is how things are’. You know, like some political theory or something of the sort. And if you argue, it will be along the lines of that or another political theory, and you will be convinced you know the truth as well.

The terrible thing about one who thinks he knows the true reality, is that he cannot learn. He rejects anything beyond his scope of reality, as unreal. And so we also get mockeries of people who imagine things beyond what people usually think and talk about. Actually, the mockery goes to the mocker himself . It’s just a reflection of what he himself does to himself. He keeps himself from learning, while convincing himself he knows.

For sure I don’t wish to deny one’s capacity to know reality or truth, even on this tiny planet. The problem occurs when one limits it, yet gets convinced he knows all. He knows the contents of his mind, and that’s all he knows. And he cannot change his mind. And the fact that many others share his conviction, make it more solid, unchangeable. And it doesn’t occur to him, that before he knows ‘reality’, he should know it. Tell me, who does? Is reading 1000 opinions who are all agreeable with each other and then talking about it with 1000 people who agree with each other, some objective reality? It might be for them, not for me.

‘I know nothing’ said Socrates and got sentenced to die. And so got Jesus and who knows how many others for merely denying what in their times was considered to be real or true–things that we can now laugh about, by the way. And perhaps it is important to mention that the ideas they expressed were in conflict with the status quo of their times.

It is a significant freedom that we are now free to communicate.

And so, before you force yourself to think the ‘right’ thoughts, to have the ‘right’ perception, consider this: What do those who would make you wrong for what you think actually know? From such a perspective, I feel free to think and talk about anything, with no remorse. And the difference between me and some of them is that I express a point of view. I don’t express any truth, nor any reality. And even if I was convinced that I did so, I still wouldn’t consider that I have the copyrights of truth and reality, so that others couldn’t express anything else. And I don’t even take into consideration what the majority thinks. Really, what would the majority think, if the dominant dogma of the time was that a giant potato had created the world? Politicians too claim to know what my problems are -even if I’m not aware of them- and what the best solutions would be for me, even though they never ask me. So I in turn wouldn’t hesitate to tell you about the dragon I talked to, yesterday.


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