Love your trouble

I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but this is the tip of the day. It’s a tip given to me (not personally) from various direction lately, and so I will give it to you, in turn, while adding my own sauce.

And know I’m not one who takes tips and quickly applies them, nor one who takes knowledge and quickly believes it. I have a look how applicable it is, first.

Sometimes I feel so bright, happy, everythings alright, my will is aligned with life, I no longer buy BS, and then I fall asleep, and when I wake up, I feel dumber than ever. So, it’s a challenge and a game I’ve been playing to deal with that.

I’ve caught myself, sometimes, when I’m being stupid and do something stupid,  I create problems for myself, or I make myself feel bad, in order to stop myself from doing that. It’s kinda like miscommunication between me and myself, as I’m not being intuitive enough, to listen to myself. I don’t want to do something, I do it, then I mess myself up so I wont do it. The more I deny my will, the worse off I become.


In older times, when I felt very very well, I made a horrible mistake. I tried to ‘keep it’ that way by avoiding things that I thought could make me feel bad. And those things multiplied, as time passed, as I granted them that potential to make me feel bad. And I never really solved them. I sort of separated from them, and they could potentially exist.

The way I really solve problems now, is either by facing them and no longer creating them, or by just by no longer creating them. I am convinced I create my problems -when I do- and so I can un-create them too.

Let’s make it more specific: It takes no avoiding, no resisting, no fighting, no trying to figure out, no wondering about, no judgment, no ‘this is a ___’ nothing but pure perception from my original viewpoint–nothing more, in order to resolve something. For what I need is the truth about it.

And hey, when I perceive from that viewpoint, I do love, yes. I don’t even need to try to love. One brings about the other. Actually, all my problems fade altogether. I don’t even need to address something specific. I don’t know if you get the implications of that. I recently did.

And lately I have discovered some nice things. I’ve used some problems to derail myself from what I really wanted, and then I forced myself to have them, so I will know what I really want! Quite a stupid cycle, isn’t it?

And so you see, if I kept avoiding them, I would never know that, and I would be myself a little less.

And please don’t take it as needing to create trouble so as to know what you really want. No. If something is there, just perceive it. That’s all.


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