My compass

This is about something that I realized somewhat recently. I’m very glad to have done so. Like with other things, I’m sharing it in case it ‘clicks’ with somebody and helps along the way.

I used to think, and I’ve noticed others thinking the same, that to like and to have fun went together. And that more fun increased, liking increased too. But I no longer think so.

You see, I can have fun with anything–small things, big things, nice things, and terrible things too. Yes, terrible things too. Which is why I assume some sit and watch horror movies, and then some of them might wonder why they feel horrified–apparently, out of the blue, in their lives.

Fun is an element present in games. And whenever there is something to achieve, there is a game. To go shopping is a game, to play soccer is a game, to write this article is a game, to live is a game.

All games are fun. But that doesn’t mean I like all games the same.

I have a compass. I know what I like, and how much. And my liking something or not, is not wrong. I don’t even need to be logical about why I like something or not, I just do or don’t. And that compass has never betrayed me, that I know. And I’ve succeeded and failed and fallen on my face for following or for not following my own compass.

Truth be told, we are asked by society too, to not follow our own compass. Because some things are considered ‘right’ and we ‘should’ or ‘have to’ do them, whether we like it or not. So that tells us our compass is ‘wrong’, as those things are ‘right’.

But it doesn’t go like that. Among other things, what one might like, doesn’t mean another will like too. And people often look around to find out what others like, what is ‘popular’, instead of what they themselves want, and get lost a bit more, and then seek guidance a bit more. And that’s some vicious circle.

I believe life can be so much easier or harder depending on how we follow our selves, our compass, or not.



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