Bad things that happen to you

This must be the favorite topic and a point of agreement between many people. Let’s complain about how bad life is to us, you know. I don’t blame them, and I don’t make them wrong for thinking so. But if you want to be in agreement with them, you need agree that bad things happen to you too, ‘because those almighty forces in the world, act against us all, and we are poor victims’.

The hell we are. I tell you, if you want to be into spirituality, you’d better discard all those ideas right now, because nothing ever happened to any spirit. And it will save you a lot of trouble to quit creating trouble you don’t have. Spirits seem to have this as a problem (that they can’t have problems) and they identify (they think they are one and same) with things that can have problems, like people. And so they can play games too.

It seems they have very good times doing that, that they even wish to forget what they are, to make this pretense even more ‘real’. So, you tell somebody something like that he is not a victim, and he then wants to do bad things to you, even if you didn’t mean it in any offensive way. You don’t have the right to take his game away, you see. He’s tried to so hard to forget. And it isn’t good manners to interrupt somebody’s game. So, don’t tell it to anybody who hasn’t had enough, yet.

And before I write a trillion more articles, I think I should better define ‘spirit’ the way I think of it and use it. I don’t know everything about this matter. I will tell you what I’m thinking right now. I only do it, because I like my definition better than some (not all) others, that refer to spirits as objects and potential victims…A spirit is mere awareness, consciousness, and what is it aware of? Answer: Each one ‘carries’ the potential of it’s creator. It is it’s creator. It ‘has’ potential to create and be aware of what is created. Create what? I’m not aware of any limits. Each one can perceive things independently, or can agree with other spirits to perceive the same or similar things. And so, you can have realities. And each one of those ‘other’ spirits are it’s creator too. So, they all have the creator’s potential, as well.

So, essentially, if one of them insisted on thinking that it is a victim, whose victim would it be? That’s right, of itself.

You see how silly this could get.


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