I don’t agree

I used to be a very analytical guy. I used to wonder and I wanted to know the answers to everything. I looked at people and wonder how it was like to be them, what they were thinking, what made them act the way they did. And I was also a heavy thinker, like sometimes those ancient philosopher are depicted to be like. I used to try to figure out stuff quit a bit.

And that’s considered cleverness today. If you can analyze you are considered clever. And if you’re less capable to analyze you’re less clever.

But now I have arrived to a point that I no longer consider the things I used to analyze to be true. The truth hit me hard like the warmest embrace I could ever imagine.

The things I sometimes analyze and write about in here, apply only to certain levels of awareness. Let me rephraze that: If you had a problem, you could apply a good solution to it, and handle it. But there is no true reason why you have to have it, in the first place.

In truth, a spiritual being is free. It will never become free. It will never reach any level. It is whole, complete.

And no, it is not even needed to retreat from having a usual life so as not to have problems, or so as to be your basic self. That can be an approach. But it is not necessary. There doesn’t have to be a penalty, so that one can be aware of the untruth of problems. On the contrary, the closer you get to truth, the more horizons open, and the further away you go, the more limited you (seem to) become.

I don’t agree with any of the problems I read and write about. They can only exist under certain conditions. But from my perspective they are just part of a dream, or to be more precise they can be parts of dreams. I am honest, when I write about that stuff. But understand that they only apply where they apply. They are not any absolute truth. And I in turn regard nothing, no fixed condition as truth.

The truth about what I am and how things are, feels lovely to me, when I look at it. It has nothing to do with what I used to imagine while reading about it, from various sources. The basic self is not a fixed thing. It is both nothing and potentially all you could ever want. It cannot really be defined adequately, as it is potential.

But if another being is not aware of that, I need to speak it’s language, and so I refer to problems, in an effort to reduce them. But don’t take it too seriously. Don’t take life too seriously. For the truth isn’t serious, at all.


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