My view of religion, psychology and spirituality

Although sometimes I tackle with topics that are related to psychology and religion. You should know I am not affiliated with any.

I’m saying this without implying anything concerning either one’s validity.

The optimum for me is a neutral perspective. The perspectives I express through this blog, are often anything but neutral. But for me complete neutrality is actually nothing. But worry not, for although I might not express this in theory, I express it more in practice.

I’m aware that more than many paths can be possibly valid. And even if the theories of different schools of thought contradicted each other, they could still all be valid. The reason for that is that I don’t think of a path as being so important.

You see, no matter what path I took, whatever I did to myself, I would do it by myself. Plus, the problems to handle would be put there by myself, as well.

I have chosen for myself the shortest path known to me, for now. It works well for me, and it might not work as well for another. IT is myself that makes it work well for me, you see.


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