Being right

I don’t think everyone ought to think the same. Life would be some dull machine like that. So, I don’t need to convince anybody, either.

And if I can let be those who would argue that I shouldn’t have an opinion of my own, or be different somehow, and even those who’d try to stop me, because it’s not aligned with their conditioning or something, the amount of freedom is great. They’re part of the variety too, after all.

I don’t think God is a mindset. I think God could be infinite mindsets, and different experiences too.

I do put limits on myself as what I’d like to create and experience. But hey, I can put a limit on one day, and another on another day. I don’t sign any contracts with any Devils. Don’t confuse this with disloyalty. I’m loyal to my loyal friends, even if I don’t see things like they do.

One of the limits that I have as more stable, is to not force myself on others. It’s a lose-lose game, the way I see it. For I want this variety to exist, too. But I could choose to argue too, why not? It’s just not within my interests to not do so. I’m not obliged to follow any pattern.

I’m not humble. I can form and voice opinions of my own (I don’t have to). But I’m not right. I don’t express any objective viewpoint. I can’t see any such thing anywhere.


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