Be free and let be free

No matter what we’ve done, no matter what we do, no matter what we will ever do, we are actually well-meaning people. And that also includes people that will be remembered through history as being evil.

If you want to see an average person turn against another, all you have to do is convince him that he is being lied to. It’s that simple.

And if you wonder how come those massive liars, keep on lying, keep on attempting to harm others…they also don’t believe a word others say. Above all, they don’t believe in other’s good intentions. And so they act the same.

You will never get any bloody dictator thinking that people are honestly good. He will want to rule them, impose himself on them, thinking the opposite. And he will be what he opposes, as well–an evil liar.  But that’s not his basic self. I ensure you, nobody gains anything by playing the evil liar’s role. And nobody will become any better by getting his head bashed in, for playing that role, either. What is needed, is truth.

You see, him as well as all the rest, believe and become victims of the thoughts that they themselves project. Nobody likes the idea of being wrong. Everyone seeks to be right, ethical–no matter what ‘right’ and ‘ethical’ mean to each one.

It is rare for somebody who has harmed another, to go around thinking that he has harmed another. What he will be thinking is the reasons why he harmed. And he will be forgetting his own causing harm. Eventually, he will think that he did was actually right–that the other person deserved it. Why? Because that other person ‘was evil, dishonest etc’.

An extreme version of that is a person going around accusing others of what he himself does. He has long abandoned his capacity to look at himself, and he projects and perceives himself upon others, instead.

Thus, people become victims of their own doings, in their minds. Thus, we have so much ‘being right’ and so little ‘being wrong’, and people fighting over that. And we get people who harm the most trying to ‘put ethics’ on others, instead of themselves.

Why would anyone be critical of somebody’s personal life, for example? Why would anyone be bothered what I do in my house, or to myself? It wouldn’t be me that’d bother him. It would be what he thought of me, which would remind him of his own stuff, that would annoy him. If you say or do anything that that resembles his own dirty, forgotten laundry, yours will smell bad to him.

Sure, if somebody tried to harm me or some beloved to me person, i might defend myself, and even briefly be mean. But that would be vastly different than to stick my nose and find fault in somebody’s personal business, and even seek to punish him for that. Do you see the difference?

Why are dictators so annoyed by rebels? They have been the greatest rebels themselves. And rebels often tend to become dictators themselves, after they cease ‘power’. That’s how it goes.

Be free, and let be free.


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