Focus on truth

I’d like to ask a question. If you were a lion and somebody shot a dart at you to drug you, and then you woke up in a circus, dressed and painted like a clown, and you were given a name ‘Joe’, and you have to perform clown stunts so you’ll get a little food and water in exchange. What would you do?

My blog is solely addressed to those who want to get back to being a free lion. And my opinion is bold but never enforced. I just can’t mumble my words so that somebody wont get upset, for facing something beyond his/her level of comfort. One can find softly positive thoughts elsewhere. For me, positive means truth. And truth isn’t grim either. But the barrier of hiding within one’s shell, is a limitation and a barrier to perceiving things.

I could and have had much fun working at the circus, but I know it’s not what I’m meant to be. I’m going to hang out around here, but while knowing who I am.

This is actually why I ever got interested into spiritual stuff, spirituality.

Spirits are given such a bad name. They often refered to as weaklings, the sad remains of the complete (human) person, or a slice of bread and part of a larger bread. But that’s not the case.

It is true that human bodies are part of a whole, call it society, or planet, or universe. But that’s not true about what we call spirits.

A spirit is the whole, and the rest are part of it. Each spirit is the whole. And instead of being that, it works to get some food, to get by. Why? Spirits don’t even need food, anyway.

The mind plays a crucial role in this facade. What the mind thinks with, is memories of the lion being the clown, not being the lion. Your mind will never call you a lion. At best, it will call you a clown with too big an idea of himself.

The place to start from, is to throw the mind out the window and you’re halfway there, already. If you try to figure such matters out, you just enhance what keeps you from being yourself, in the first place. And you’ll get the opposite result.

You can know without the mind. The mind is what glues the spirit on the body. The spirit uses it to think, while it can think without it. And it uses it to use the body, while it can be done without it, as well.

According to the mind, the self is the body, not the spirit. And the more you use it, the more you’ll be getting such ideas. Your thoughts will be based on that basis. Because ‘self’ and ‘selves’ are the basis of thinking. Use it at work, if you want. But to use it to gain greater understanding of spiritual matter is the complete opposite.

You could say there is an analogy: The more mind, the less spirit. Also, visa versa. A spirit is infinite. It cannot be analyzed. It cannot be contained. Also, for a spirit something is or not. There is really no need to wonder, to analyze etc. Those are human functions. A spirit either knows, or knows not.

Have you experienced yourself as spirit the past decades? You can right now. All you have to do is to stop using your mind, and perceive as a spirit. That’s how much it takes. I’d rather repeat this a trillion times, than to sit and analyze and argue about things. Believe me, you’ll get much more out of this, than out of anything else I’ve ever written in my blog.

Just don’t think at all, and perceive the now as spirit. Nothing more.

I once noticed a sense of self I was having, and I simply just perceived that too, and it vanished, along with anything else in my mind. ‘Unfortunately’ my self is much less and so much more than a sense of self, or what some call the ego…

Do this every time you have a problem, a worry an upset, and watch it get disintegrated. Do this every time you think thing are not going you way, and watch them go. Or just do it to be free.

Aim high. A clown couldn’t achieve what a lion could, but a lion can. Actually now.

I’m not here to help anybody. Help yourselves. I don’t mean it in a cruel way. I mean how could ever help a lion? I just want them to see what they are. It wont change what they are, what they’ve always been, what they will always be. But to know it, will be a game changer, for sure.


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