In older times people believed that God, -being omnipotent, omnipresent- wanted to rule his people (his people being himself) And he was incapable to rule his people (himself), and so he appointed human lords who did the ruling for him. And so those lords were treated as if they were God, because they were God’s messengers. The rest were the guilty lambs. Omnipresent God was being both a lord and the guilty lambs. And if God found out that God was a sinner…God help him. God would condemn God to eternal suffering, unless God repented.

But what is the excuse now, for one to appoint himself a lord over others? I think that omnipresent God, includes me too, as much as it includes everyone else. And God’s omnipotent will is my will too, as much as it is everybody else’s will too, no?

And don’t give me that crap now, about religion serving authority, while science doesn’t. Scientists proved the inferiority of races in Nazi Germany. And Hitler called upon science to prove that authoritarian hierarchy was natural, and that equality was a perversion of natural laws. Science was used to fix unruly comrades in the Soviet Union, as well. And science is used to fix unruly kids in school now. Do you realize how brutal and cowardice that is? Kids? So they learn to only memorize and repeat for the rest of their lives, opinions, that are not their own. Opinions that are ‘truth’.

And who’s going to make anything new like that? Apparently, new things are not needed. Because they would threaten an authoritarian structure, that is based on limited thinking–mind control.

Still, new things are being made, sorry… They are made by people who don’t seek my nor your approval.

Do you realize what you consider alright today, will be considered stupid in a few years, like you consider stupid what those people did in the dark ages? You might take it for granted now that kids ought to abide. Let’s see in a few decades.

Much like with God back then, the past century or so, all some had to do to grant themselves righteousness was to claim that ‘science says’ or ‘studys show’. Same fascism, different face.

And of course, I’m not implying that all scientists nor that all religious people are like that. I’m refering to authority. But worry not, and enjoy it for as long as you have it, as it gets dismantled more and more, every day.

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