Generalities VS intelligence

We all know that guy who quite often uses the word ‘women’ and that woman who uses the word ‘men’. You know, like ‘all men are @!$@%’ and ‘all women are @#$@#$’ etc. And we all know of those people who put some billions of people in the same pot by saying something like ‘religion is !@%%!#$’, or some religious person saying something ‘atheists are $!%#$%#$%’.

Apparently, they know all women, men, children, black people, green people etc to express such bold ideas. Or they most probably don’t.

They’ve had an experience or two or twelve hundred, and then somebody came along and told them that ‘people are bad’ and that made sense to them, from that point on. And of course ‘people are bad’, but the guy who tells you that is an exception, and he who believes it is an exception too…

I work nightshifts and I barely make enough money to get by. And it’s been like that with my salary since I remember it. And until recently, I was getting some people who were pretty damn convinced that ‘Greeks make money for not working’ and that they are also ‘lazy’. And you can’t imagine how ironic and stupid that sounded to me, particularly when I was being told by young people who could travel for a whole year without needing to work.

I’m not bashing at them for having money. Not at all. I wish everybody has money, and me too. But I didn’t quite enjoy that hostility without any provocation, whatsoever, you know. And I don’t think that their stupidity is a reason why I should excuse them, either. Apparently, it was their choice to believe something they didn’t know, no?

Sure, there are such Greeks. But what does it have to do with me? Those guys are usually rich, and they probably don’t even live around here, anymore. And nobody’s ever done anything to them. They probably have others kiss their shoes too, because they’re rich, you know. But I get well-informed people hating me, instead.

And on the other hand, I get some equally stupid Greeks, accusing random people from other groups, of equally dumb things. It messes with my head, to hear stuff like ‘German Nazis’ and ‘they want to ruin us’ while some of them have been some the sweetest people I’ve ever known.

And that is justice, when it comes to group thinking. One messes up, and all the rest pay for it. And if you wanted to destroy a group, all you would have to do would be to send some provocateur and commit harmful acts as a member of that group. So then the whole group would get punished for it.

And I’ve had similar trouble with women too. You know, the most extroverted men, have some attitude, and some intentions towards women… And so, a woman gets bombarded by the same attitudes over and over and expects the same intentions from all men too. And so if you talk to one, it’s often as if you’ve done -or would do- something to her… Let me not get into details.

Of course, I don’t take sides, in those games. I play my own games. I don’t follow trends. But if I did follow trends, at least I would get accused for an actual and fair reason.

And I want to treat each person for what he/she is, and not for what groups he/she belongs to. But it’s hard if they themselves one to think and act as parts of groups, instead of individuals.


One thought on “Generalities VS intelligence

  1. This is what government has done to us. They want everybody to pick a side. And as long as we’re fighting each other, they continued to rob us blind.

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