General tips for life

Here’s some things that I have found of to be of great importance and help in my life. I don’t know how I would be like right now, if I didn’t use them. Use them or not, as you see fit.

Make your own ethics

Ethics has a bad name, as it has been used to oppress and suppress people by some of the least ethical people.

I’m all for freedom. However, ethics and freedom are not irrelevant, at all. The least ethical ones wind up getting the most fierce dictators, and lose their relative freedom too. They do that, so they wont be free to harm.

A being can know what is ethical and what is not.  And external enforcement to abide to some ideas concerning what is ethical and what is not, can mess it up. And most often, even those who fight for freedom, impose some ethics on others too.

Be free and let others be free too

Sure, I have the right to live the kind of life I want to. Nobody has the right to force me do otherwise. Also, I have the right to think whatever I want, and to express it. However, not at the cost of reducing another’s freedom. If I criticized people in here, calling them names, making them seem wrong, ridiculous and guilty, in here, it would be an attempt to make them stop talking, stop being themselves, and go hide in their shell. Eventually, I would lose my freedom and be and talk as well.

Take as much responsibility as you can

Things don’t just happen randomly. Consider yourself source of what you know, instead of protesting against other sources who make you know things. The more you do that, the lighter your chains will be.

Like, agree, talk to -or not- only at will

Also allow others to do the same.

Participate in the games that you want to

Also allow others to do the same. Don’t get dragged in games you don’t really wish to participate, to please another.

Don’t oppose problems and their sources

Opposition grants power and solidity to the opposite side. Consider a problem your own creation, and treat it as such. You are their source.

Be good to good people, let the rest be, but don’t be a sucker

It’s self-explanatory. Some will want to use your kindness, thinking that it is naivety. Don’t let that happen. Let them know you are not naive. But do treat good-intended people well.

Create the present and future regardless of the past

There is no past, but the past you are creating now.

Trust your ability to know by yourself

If something occurs to another, it doesn’t necessarily mean it occurs to you too, no. Know what you know, and know what is the knowledge of another.

Don’t become stupid to feel good

It isn’t true that the truth hurts. Only partially known truth can hurt. But it takes a while for some, to know then complete truth. Until then, don’t paint the black white, because white makes you feel better. See things as clearly as possible, and add no more blackness nor whiteness either. Don’t let others do that to you, either. Just perceive, and in the end, if truth is known, it will all be alright.

Have faith in your friends and allies

Faith has a bad name too, as it has been used by dishonest people, to use the rest. Still, it is no excuse to be distrustful towards a good friend. This goes along with truly knowing who is with you and who is not, and what your own responsibility, with regards to that is too.

Be trustworthy too.

Don’t dependent on the opinions of others

Like i said, you can know what is right and wrong, yourself. And it might not be the same for another, at this time. Follow the path of your own, or one you agree with, yourself, uninfluenced by other’s opinions.

Don’t reduce your awareness of your potential

It might somewhat please others, but don’t do it. It will only please those who are not aware of their own. But the way to really please them, will be to fully be yourself, so they can be too.



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