This is about connection and separation. I have read a few things about it here and there.. And I would like to note some things. But first of all, an explanation of infinity.

Infinity: That which is not finite, that which is unlimited, that which doesn’t end.

What does it have to do with anything, in spirituality?

I don’t know everything about this subject. But I want to write some things as arguments (not opposition) to some things I’ve been told and observed.

I’d like to talk about infinity and it’s connection to the spiritual being.

You know the symbol of infinity–that flipped ‘8’. It is interesting how it can relate to a spirit.

In the beginning there is nothing but infinity. What does that mean? In the beginning there is nothing but infinite potential for things to exist.

Nothing doesn’t mean empty, black space. That would be something, alright. Nothing means nothing at all. I used to be quite intimidated by ‘nothing’. But that’s silly, because is nothing is not anything to be intimidated by. On the contrary…

Anyway, ‘out of’ infinity comes a being. And a being is a decision to be–‘I am’. It is a decision that comes out of infinity.

An awareness of ‘being’ follows. So the being becomes aware that it is being.

So then we move from infinity to the most basic individuality. This doesn’t mean that infinity is no longer infinity. And it doesn’t mean that infinity is not being that being, either. That spiritual being is infinity as it is a product of infinity’s -of itself- decision to be. That’s what a spirit is–infinity.

Then other beings come to being too, somehow (the ‘how’ is irrelevant now). They are infinity too. Infinity is all those beings.

And beings can create things to perceive, to experience. However, each one, being aware of itself and what it perceives, can have different experiences. And things experienced by many beings are reality, for those beings that experience it.

All that is, is made by infinity. All that is, is made by those beings–space, time, stars, watermelons, animals, humans etc. All those things, are infinity.

And those beings play games with and against each other. But games cannot be played between oneself and oneself. I mean how could you ever win against yourself?

So, as they play, they more and more get the concept of being separate from each other; so that opposition games can exist.

And so it doesn’t occur to those beings that since they are all infinity, they are each other too! And thus we have individuation. Individuation is a denial of being infinity, denial of self, and what infinity is being (everything). A concept of a separate self is conceived, instead.

And it would be fairly simple, if it was just that. What follows is identification. Identification means to consider an already separate self to be same with something else. It means to assume the identity of something–as spirits don’t have identities.

Example: A spirit decides to play the game of ‘human life’ with a human body. And so it considers that it is one with that human body. And that is identification.

In truth, it doesn’t have an identity. But it is being. And it is being infinity.

Identification to an extreme, would mean to become completely unaware of infinity, of being an individual spiritual being, and of individuation as well. It would be the complete opposite of infinity, in terms of awareness. And I’m sorry to say, but that’s how ‘we are one with the universe’ etc sound to me. It is conceived that the universe is infinity. But the universe is a creation or creations of infinity. It is a matter of who creates what. And to identify with all creation, is not to be all creation. It is the exact opposite.

Sure, infinity is the universe and all that are included within it too. But the universe no matter how vast it is, it is finite. Moreover, there is potential for other universes to exist, too. And also, beings existed prior to this universe, and they not located inside it. Just like one wouldn’t be located inside his TV, if he watched it.

So that is the first half of the symbol of infinity. It starts from infinity, to individuality, individuation and then identification.

The other half would be the way back, from un-becoming oblivious of what one is, and getting rid of misconceptions, and in the end reach basic truth. That is from identification to individuation to individuality to infinity.

And the closer we are to infinity, the brighter and freer things are. You see infinity and freedom mean nearly the same thing. And the further away we stray from it, the more decayed and limited things seem to be.

Routes, games can be made to achieve that, as well. We can take a civilization that started brilliantly, and in time decayed (I’m not referring to a 4000 years period) and make it brilliant again, while heading back, towards infinity. And we can do the same with people and with anything else.

Things don’t have to be grim, like some preach. Nor were they always grim. This vanity is an indication of limited thinking. The concept of a robotic society where people think and act like robots is too. Infinity is freedom. Freedom to be, to create, to experience. It is the lie of identification that makes existence seem limited.

Infinity is infinity and it’s never been anything but infinity. And infinity is you.




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