And here is something irrelevant. Expect to read lots of irrelevant stuff from me.

Generally, if i do well in something, and I have a tip to give, I give. If i don’t do well, I don’t.

So, I work night till morning, and my body behaves strange. And I’ve looked into this topic of nutrition, to try to deal with some things.

Among other things I gained noticeable weight, the past month. And the reasons were that I was getting less sleep than I should. And so my body being sleepy didn’t burn as much. Also, my body demanded more in terms of food, to compensate for the low energy.

But I’ve started to waste that weight, without even trying. So, I’m starting from that.

Actually, I’ve done this before. I am most usually of average weight. But I’ve been both thin and fat before.

First of all, I use my perception more than I use my logic. And in this case, my body’s appetite. I go with it.

Don’t be hungry. Don’t avoid food you would like to eat. Yes. Eat what your body has appetite for.

The body needs certain things. If you give feed it those things, it is happy. However, it can be that you eat much much more than what your body needs. For example in pizza you can find many different ingredients. If you body wants -for example- cheese, it doesn’t mean that it needs all the rest, too. Just go for what you have appetite for.

Don’t eat more than what you have appetite for. It often occurs to me that I cook (yes, I cook) much more than what I need, or that I cannot order as little food as I would like, and so, even when I no longer feel hungry, I go on eating.

I have found, by experience, that to avoid certain things that are considered harmful was no good to me. Yes, everybody knows that vitamins, metals and proteins are good, but fat and hydro-carbonates can be needed too!

Also, I’m big fan of other things that are considered harmful, such as coffee and sugar. And I consume as much as I need from that, too. And I’ve never noticed any negative influence. And specially when it comes to fat, the fat that sugar gives you in a cup of coffee or two, isn’t much. Actually, it’s very little. Colas are a different story. Colas and other refreshments contain a lot of sugar. I’ve heard colas are good to clean you toilet with, by the way.

Even if you’re not into exercise (I’m not), you gotta get your blood flowing. It isn’t only a matter of weight. Half an hour of walking per day is pretty basic. Bodies aren’t made to sit all day. They are made to move. No matter how tired you are, do -at least- walk. And actually, if you do walk, you will feel less tired than you would if you didn’t. Yes.

Another tip is about acidity. The body regulates how alkaline or acidic it’s blood will be. However, it’s isn’t bad to give it a hand. Some foods are much much more acidic than others. And if one only consumes acidic food (such as normal food) he will feel better to add something alkaline in his diet. You can google about this matter. The connection between acidity and fat is that when the body is very acidic, it’s energy levels fall, too. Why? Because acid is destructive for the body. And so the body quickly stores excessive acid in the fat tissue, to prevent destruction. And then what do you know, with acid in the fat tissue, it’s harder to draw fat and burn it, and so your energy level falls.

But don’t you overdo it with alkaline either. Both much acidic and alkaline blood can be harmful. It needs balance. The body tries to keep it balanced. Just give it a hand. Refrain from extremes such as soda (too alkaline). Better use some green salad, if you have appetite for it, or green tea, or lemon, or cayenne pepper, or a good, balance multivitamin supplement (not too much).

Another time, I will write some more about nutrition, that are not related to weight. I have discovered some cool stuff….

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