“You are wrong”

Although I have written about this topic before, I’d like to add some more.

There can be many things I wouldn’t like to believe, and many things I wouldn’t like to do, and to be like. And I would want the same for others too. And so, I could communicate about those things too. I wouldn’t want a kid to buy some candy, that is actually a drug, you know. So, I might let the kid know.

It isn’t a matter of me being right, of me knowing better. If you asked me to describe myself, and I wanted to be very honest,  I would say something like “…”. I don’t consider myself to be some fixed thing, you see. I can really be a lot of things. And if I am not those things, it doesn’t mean that I can’t.

The reason why I don’t grant myself the liberty to be anything in life, is because I consider life to be something limited, something with rules. I am not allowed to be a crook and go around cheating people. I am not allowed to be a dictator and go around pressing others down, either.

If somebody came and told me that I am wrong, or some other characterization, he would tripping within his own trip. He would consider that I am something (fixed) and that would be a great lie, as I am not. He could however argue with an expressed idea of mine, providing that he argued with the idea I actually expressed, and not what he imagined that I expressed, or other connected things that he might have in mind.

When somebody violates life’s rules, and acts against it, it might seem to an exterior observer, that he wins. Why? Because -for example- if he is not being kind, and if another is being kind, he can go and grab his money, or something of the sort. However, although he might win in grabbing that money, at that time, he loses later on in life. He becomes very fixated within himself. He limits himself. And he perceives that limitation to be coming from sources exterior to himself (from others), but in actuality it is him who limits himself, so he wont harm. Such a person seeks to limit others too, as a result.

The most tragic part about such a person is that he reduces his awareness of his own being source, he doesn’t take responsibility for himself, he becomes unaware of himself. And he believes his own lies. And if he blames you, he might actually believe it, even when he himself does what he blames you for. That’s why I tell people to disregard what others think of them, and to be free. And by that I don’t mean to grant themselves the liberty to harm others, of course. As that would put them in the same trip.

People that go around constantly trying to reduce others, to make them wrong, guilty, control them by pressing them down, actualy need help. That’s what their words reveal. There’s no use in fighting them, anyway. Because they’re obsessed with being ‘right’ (and making others ‘wrong’).

You see, they most often don’t argue about ideas, and when they do, they don’t make much sense. They will make that idea wrong by comparing it to something else, that might seem similar, but is not the same. But they will gladly want to make you feel bad, wrong, guilty for expressing your own ideas. That’s because they try to reduce themselves, and their own ideas, and also because sadly, they’re not aware of it.

Let them guys be. But don’t buy. If you fight them, you will likely wind up being like them. Because neither you nor them has the right to impose himself upon another, nor to reduce his freedom to be, to think, to do. It is one’s own duty towards himself to do that, and not to do it to others.

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