Exposing an evil cult

I joined an evil cult, once.

In the beginning it wasn’t obvious what it was.

They gave me a name I didn’t choose, they created a strawman of me, , and they’ve been tracking it, ever since.

For long and arduous years I was being indocrinated into their beliefs. And I was being punished if I failed to repeat, what they wanted me to repeat. There was no option for escape.

After they made sure I ‘knew’ all I should know, and I had been conditioned to be a proper member, they put me to work for them.

They kept 95% of the earnings I made for them, and tried to make me believe I was even lucky to get thet 5%. Most of the other members still believe it, poor guys.

They thought that because they were many, and because that cult’s leaders handed them fancy papers with commendations, they knew better. Even those who were high in hierarchy to control others, were used by the cult, as well. Alas, they were unaware of it.

Most of the people inside that cult turned against me when I told them there was something wrong with that place. They told me there was something wrong with me, for even thinking so, as they has been programmed think and do.

And inside that big cult there were cliques of people that formed other, smaller cults, that followed similar patterns of the grand cult. ‘Voluntary’education and ‘voluntary’ work, and they put the members of each cult to fight each other, so that they wont be aware of the smaller and the greater cults they were in. Males were turned against females, races against races, classes against classes. And most people argued over a bowl of rice, while they ignored the silo.

And although I’m still there physically, they can no longer control me. I am now free. They can’t catch me, anymore. They can do whatever they like to my body. I will still be free.


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