(not) catching a cold

I wrote about diet compared to weight loss, before. And I’ve noticed that people focus much on weight loss, as well as on avoiding health problems.

I haven’t had any major health problems to handle with nutrition. I eat about anything I feel like.  But I found something really useful compared to health that I’d like to make known. It’s about the flu.

I haven’t had much of that in my life. I did have it often and heavily during my childhood. But as I was growing up and assumed more and more responsibility for myself, I was getting less and less sick, as well.

Almost every day, for over a decade now, I shower and immediately go out, and don’t catch any colds. And quite often I’ve had very low temperatures inside my apartment too. So, the connection between low temperatures and catching a cold does not apply to me. I stopped catching cold when I started to consider it a psychosomatic and not just a physical matter.

However, in rare occassions, I did catch colds, or I was about to. And so, I discovererd some handling, other than to address the psychosomatic aspect of it. You know that sensation when your brain feels heavy and kinda like gelly, and your energy is low, and your body kinda looks zombiefied and you know you will soon be in bed with a fever. I’ve found a way to stop it, without medication, and that way is called cayenne pepper.

That red powder seems to be so strong–as strong as it’s taste suggests. And it’s worked well for me. The last time I used it together with garlic powder, I went to sleep, and after I woke up I didn’t even remember about catching a cold. But you have to do it in the beginning. I suppose, once the flu virus spreads too much inside a body, it’s a bit too late for that. It might help you recover faster, but I can’t really tell with any certainty.

Cayenne is really hot. And I don’t just eat it like that. I usually mix it with somethign like oil and/or wrap it with something else, so my mouth wont directly contact it. About half a tablespoon should be enough.

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