Political idea

‘Work’ should be ways that we offer, assist each other, not ways to keep ourselves alive. And assistance cannot be forced. And ‘education’ should be the process of learning for the purpose of using, not to get good grades, so we can make money and live. It cannot be forced, either. Unless of course we want to admit that instead of work and education we have slavery and brainwashing.

There’s much more political freedom to be attained, than the petty liberties that the mainstream supports or opposes–freedom we are not even told it could exist.

‘And what about those who wouldn’t want to offer?’ They should still be allowed to live, even with less than the rest. Yes, I think one could get back what he offers. But what he offers, not 5% of what he offers. And it isn’t up to anybody to determine that they cannot live nor that they have to offer. And we will all do much better if they are not allowed to make themselves bosses and kings, so they can enslave and live from the offerings of others.

‘And how do we do that, wise guy?’ We wouldn’t even need to try much, if the intention was to offer, and not to grab, to co-operate and not to dominate or be dominated. It is really is no big deal for a one to have a home, and some food. But if one is allowed to grab all the land, and have the rest pay rent to him and work in his farms, whether ‘he’ is called corporation or government or something else, it can become quite a big deal.

Some people build you a house, they should get paid. Same with those who make your food. But they should get paid, not some patron of theirs. And if you offer something, you get should paid too. So, there can be exchange. What’s complicated and hard about it? I find it too obvious.

Currently, most money goes to BS. That’s the problem. And that’s what the brainwashing is for. And that’s what those dumb arguments are about. It goes to those who offer nothing. And them are not people who want food stamps. That’s so little money, compared to others. It’s investors and others who grab, sit back, and have their money multiply by the work of others, like they were playing some video game. And the more they multiply their money, the more they hide it underground in some Swiss bank, and then the less money we have circulating. And then, inevitably, prices go up while salaries go down.

It isn’t a matter of capitalism or socialism, right or left. It is a matter of one getting back what he gives, or not. I bet what I write in here could find support and opposition in both wings. That’s why we are divided. That’s why we still argue about women’s rights etc. We’ve known we have equality in Europe and elsewhere, since a trillion years ago. How many decades are we going to debate about this for? Who cares if some reject it? Let them reject it. We have serious freedoms to attain here.

Don’t focus on a seed and ignore the silo.


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