The objective viewpoint

I don’t know anyone who knows reality.

One comes and tells me good things about me, and another comes tells me awful thing. For one life is terrible and another it is great. For one it is easy to do something, for another it isn’t. One gets high with alcohol, another gets low. One controls a lion with a whip (or with hugs), and another gets eaten by it.

What’s the reality about those matters? Who is entitled to determined which viewpoint is right and which one is wrong?

I was having a brief talk with a guy the other day, about that subject of patronage, and making money by using others. And the guy immediately figured out that I was arguing against it, because I myself couldn’t be a patron and make money as such. Apparently, that guy thought that by knowing his viewpoint, he knew my viewpoint too. He knew that, probably because that’s what he did or because that’s what he would do, that’s what I would do, as well. He knew ‘reality’.

Was he right or wrong? Well, since I didn’t intend what he thought I intended, he was incorrect. And that’s not a matter of objectivity. It’s a matter of untruth. There was no objectivity with regards to that matter. I was thinking one thing, and he was thinking another thing. What was the reality about it? About none. None of us was perceiving any reality. We were both perceiving our own thoughts.

It can be a very dangerous hallucination for one to think he knows reality. Dangerous because it can be very solid, unchangeable. We all -or most of us- agree that there is a thing called Earth, and that we live on it, and that there is a sky, and so on. But what about all the that we deem objective?

Twenty million people live in a country, and one refers to the people of that country like he knows them all. What does he know? About nothing. He knows his own thoughts. And then he cannot learn, either. He does not accept new thoughts.

That’s why some stress brainwashing so much. Because by determining people’s thoughts, they determine their lives, they think. That’s what that game is about. And of course, brainwashing is not one’s offered opinion, it is imposed ‘objectivity’, ‘reality’.


One thought on “The objective viewpoint

  1. He figured out you were arguing against it so you both had a reality that neither of you were in agreement on patronage. Letting others have their reality and you have yours is something we need a lot more of in this time & place.

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