I don’t think it is needed to reduce somebody in order to speak what I think is true.

However, in certain situations, where friendships and alliances are forged based on mutual agreements, one might feel offended if somebody disagrees with him. And even that is not necessary.

I have lost a number of friends, family members, girlfriends and so on, because I couldn’t pretend, I couldn’t fake to be or think something I wasn’t. And I long for the time that I can do this before anybody, no matter who that is, no matter the odds, even if he is threatening to pull my nails out.

And I have also done the opposite too, and it felt so much worse–to seek to be in agreement, or to be liked, by hiding something or by pretending to agree with something. It isn’t freedom. All those pseudobefefits of dishonesty, don’t compare to the real thing.

I want to be honest to others, and honest to myself too. And I don’t seek to agree just so I will agree and seem nice. Among other things, often lies told become lies believed, not only by others, but by oneself too.

Often, I revise or discard my thoughts, too. I’m not afraid to disagree with what I thought yesterday. I long for it. But only for the purpose of greater truth, and for no other.

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