Although I don’t belong to a specific political ideology, I do have ideas about how I would like things to be like. And actually, that’s about why I don’t belong–due to disagreements.

I have a special liking for anarchists, because we agree over many things. But we also have disagreements. And one is that I don’t want to fight. The reason being that when you fight against mud, you get muddy. And I’ve also seen it in people that not only they get muddy, they become mud themselves–or at least they think so.

How many I’ve known who were fanatic supporters of a side, and opposers of another side, and then they turned upside down and supported what they used to oppose, and fought against what they used to support.

It is not effective handling to turn against something.

The way to have something disappear, is to no longer put it there. And the way to have something that you like, is to put it there.

Sure, I’ve talked about exploitation in jobs too. But it’s a mistake to blame the exploiters, for what are those people doing supporting, working for them, even if they complain about it? Both parties are in agreement, to play that game, for as long and as much as they do.

Don’t take anything I write as blame, for you wont understand me. My purpose is not to invite somebody to join me in some ‘against’ game. My purpose is, if somebody is already part of a game that I describe, to become aware of it, and to quit being used. For if you are part of a game, and you are unaware of that game and it’s elements, you are used. And that means that some use you too, with your own consent. And that’s an ‘against’ game too. It’s a game against yourself.

Yes, ‘positive feeling’, ‘positive thinking’ and so on. But I don’t see anything positive about being used. If I dislike something, I wont want to try to like it. I will want to try to change it, or to discard it. And to consider that whomever doesn’t like what he is given is wrong, is intended to turn one against himself. If one is married to somebody who wants him or her for the money, for example, while he/she is not aware of it, he should handle that, not his feeling negative about it. He/she should become aware of it, and change or discard that game, or create a new game (marriage in this example). There’s no point in telling that guy to feel good about his/her marriage. Nor do I imply that whenever somebody feels bad about something he/she should quit it. Among other things, it could be he doesn’t like his own attitude about it. He should become aware of that too. I’m not promoting any ‘we are all victims of others’ kind of thinking. If we are all victims, then who are those ‘others’?

Each person’s viewpoint should be respected and allowed to be. Only those who don’t do that should be restrained. Actually, they restrain themselves. So no ‘against’ game is needed. What is needed is to not play along yourself. And to create and to play what you will, yourself.

It’s the other’s agreement that grants them ‘power’. They don’t have any of their own. Such people are powerless, no matter what they project.


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